Sanbo Restaurant at Brighouse Square, Richmond

This was a dinner on a Sunday evening. It was about 6:30pm and Sanbo Restaurant was full house. There were even people waiting for a table outside the restaurant. When Ben checked with the waitress, she told us the wait will be 15 minutes. But we waited for more than half and hour for a table. Never trust them about the waiting time as it is always longer than they anticipated.


The above was the complimentary daily soup. There is no way to get Arkensen and Nanzaro to try it. It looked unappetizing like some kind of bitter Chinese medicine. Fortunately, it tasted alright. I presumed the colour is from some of the Chinese herbs in the soup.


We ordered 4 dishes to share. Ben wanted to have their specialty chicken but it was sold out that evening. The above was Halibut and Tofu in Hot Pot.


The second hot pot dish was Assorted Seafood with Vermicelli in Satay Sauce. There were a fair amount of pineapples, sweet peppers and onions in it.


I like the vermicelli which absorbs the flavours of the sauce.


We saw a number of tables having the water spinach. So, we ordered one which is fried with fermented bean curd bean.


We ordered a Fried Sticky Rice on top of the steamed rice to go with the dishes as the boys wanted it. The server who took our order double checked with us if we were sure to have the sticky rice.


Sanbo Restaurant accepts cash only. Ben really likes the food here and we will be back for their specialty chicken.

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