Neptune Seafood Restaurant, Surrey

Polly, Rachel, Whitney and I met up in Surrey for brunch.


We had dim sum at Neptune Seafood Restaurant which is a convenient location for Rachel and Whitney as they can do their groceries shopping at T&T in the same mall.


I was late as I missed my bus by the seconds. So, Rachel and Whitney ordered the dim sum first so that the early bird discount applies.


Tea charge is $1 per person as Rachel only drinks water. I do not know that one can opt out from tea charge in a party. Next time, I will ask for that because Arkensen does not drink Chinese tea.


Polly and I just arrived on time as the food was served. Good timing.


We had two ordres of the Stuffed Eggplant as we all love this dish.


Another favourite is the Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce which we also ordered two baskets.


Congee with Dried Cabbage and Pork Bones was flavourful.


Chicken with Chinese Mushroom Claypot Rice is just $3.88.


Shrimp Dumplings were springy.


The “Chiu Chow Dumpling” was not so good as the skin was very thick.


Xiao Loong Bao was a real disappointment. The filing was dense and not juicy at all. Not a drop of broth in it.


Bean Curd Roll with oyster sauce is one of my favourite dim sum too.


The Chinese donut in the above rice roll was on the hard side.


The Egg Custard Tart shell was flaky.


Fresh Durian Baked Pastries were good too with good amount of durian filing.


The meal came to $17 per person. It’s great to catch with one another, especially Rachel which I have not seen for a long time.

Neptune Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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