0755 Restaurant & Lounge in Continental Plaza, Richmond

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. It was quite difficult to organize a meet up even with just 4 people as Marian is working and busy in the evening for her girl’s Wushu practice. This meet up is a spontaneous one as Marian had to take the day off the resolve her kitchen plumbing problem.


Lorna suggested to have lunch at 0755 Restaurant and Lounge at Continental Plaza. We had walked pass this restaurant many times but never check it out because it was all dark and there is no menu display outside. We have no idea what kind of restaurant is this. Finally, I have a chance to try it.


Only some part of the restaurant is opened up for lunch as it was not busy at all. We were told by the server that on weekend night, there is a live band performing in the restaurant.


I was equally surprised that this place serves Sichuan cuisine. The menu is in the format of an album and there are lots of photos in it. I love this kind of menu.


Sun flower seeds for munching while waiting for our food. This is very common in Beijing.


We started off with items from the appetizer section. The above is the Saliva Chicken.


We also the Asparagus Lettuce from the appetizer section. I have never eaten this vegetable before. It is lightly crunchy. I like it. Will look for it next time I’m in a Chinese groceries.


Another starter is the Sour and Spicy Lotus Root. They were served cold. The lotus root was crunchy.


Lorna recommended this Stone Bowl Mushroom as she had tried it here before and she likes the sauce a lot. The Agrocybe Aegeril mushroom (“Cha She Ku”) is fibrous and chewy but the sauce is great with steamed rice.


The last dish was Big Plate Tofu with bacon. This was slightly spicy. We actually picked dishes that were not too spicy as Emily and Lorna do not like their food too spicy.


Originally, we only ordered two bowls of rice to share but ended up ordering another two bowls as you just have to have rice to go with spicy food.


We had payed for the bill and as we were about to leave, we just realized that it was pouring outside. So, we stayed back to have dessert. We had the Snow Fungus and Papaya sweet soup. The sweet soup has a rich collagen feel to it.


When we asked for the bill, the server asked us if we have wechat a/c. Apparently, you get discount if you use your wechat a/c to scan the above Q code.


We got 8% discount as the four of us scanned the Q code with our wechat a/c. Credit card is accepted here.


0755 Restaurant & Lounge opens late.

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