Cheng Du Spicy Restaurant on Kingsway, Burnaby

Ben, Nanzaro and I went to Burnaby for dinner on the eve of Canada Day. Ben was on holiday mood already for the long weekend.


We went to this new Cheng Du Spicy Restaurant on Kingsway. There is another one in Richmond on Alexandra Road which I had blogged here.


The place was pretty quiet when we were there around 6PM.


The menu is not big, with a few photos of food on it.


Complimentary appetizer of spicy cabbage. Nanzaro did not try any of this.


We ordered a Chilled Mouth Watering Chicken (Saliva Chicken) as it is Ben’s favourite dish. This is usually served cold but here it was served slightly warm.


The next dish came in a burner to keep warm.


It was Spicy Hot Hotpot (Ma La Xiang Guo). We got to pick 4 meat and 4 vegetables for this dish. The server was not particularly helpful when we asked her how big is this dish. Ben was quite pissed by her response. For someone who works in the service industry, she does need some training.


The leftover chilis from the Ma La Xiang Guo.


The restaurant only accepts debit card and credit card for bill over $50. The food was authentic but the service is not good.

Ben and I encountered stomach upset that night. Not sure if it’s caused by the meal. Perhaps it was due to the intestine in the Ma La Xiang Guo but Nanzaro seemed to be fine. Could it be from the cabbage which only Ben and I had?

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  1. John

    Suanne & Ben, I checked out Cheng Du Bby because of your photos and review….the Saliva Chicken was delicious (and now one of my favourites now) and yes the service was kinda poor but I’ll go back to try the spicy hot pot.

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