Honolulu Cafe on Kingsway, Vancouver

Ben wanted to go to Central Park for our morning walk on a weekend. We went out early like before 8:00AM. At this early hour, there seems to be very little choice of breakfast place.


The only place we found was Honolulu Cafe on Kingsway. The restaurant looks really dated. It was a quiet morning as I overheard a server chitchatted  with a regular customer.

Ben ordered a Congee Combo. He had the Fish and Liver Congee, a not so common combination. We like the combination though. The congee was already flavoured, so no extra condiment required.


The soy sauce fried noodle which Ben picked for his combo was more moist than other places. Ben said the congee and noodle is better than Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant in Richmond.


I had the Chicken Steak with toast. The sunny side eggs were for Ben as I’m not a big fan of eggs.


My sandwich came with a drink which I opted for hot milk tea. It was a really heavy breakfast.


Honolulu Cafe only accepts cash.


After breakfast, we had a nice long walk at Central Park.

Honolulu Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

One thought on “Honolulu Cafe on Kingsway, Vancouver

  1. Hi Suanne N Ben
    I followed your recipe for cassava cake and it turned out awesome. I hope you will post some Malaysian Nyonya cakes. I also went thru your blog for Malaysian restaurants and loved all the info both of you experienced and appreciated the honest comments on it. Thank you for sharing!

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