Wang Ji Restaurant Cafe on Blundell Road, Richmond

Lorna and I went out for an early dinner in her neighbourhood. I went to her place to help her with downloading of her photos from her cell to her PC as her storage in her cell is full.


We went to the above Wang Ji Restaurant Cafe in the Blundell mall. This location has changed ownership quite a few times.


This new owner serves multi Chinese cuisine, i.e. a bit of this and that.


The server recommended the above¬†Zhan Jiang Free-Range Chicken. Half for $14.95. It is like most other specialty chicken like Empress Chicken, Hainanese Chicken, etc. I just can’t really know how to differentiate them.


The chicken is lean as it is free range chicken. It is served cold.


The chicken is served with a soy based sauce with a strong sesame oil flavour. The sauce was very additive and complement the chicken well.


We ordered a Stir Fry Noodle for the carbohydrate instead of getting steamed rice and another vegetable dish. The noodle was unique in the way that it has basil in it. The noodle was about $10 to $11. (I can’t recall the exact price as I do not have the receipt. Lorna treated me for helping her. Thank you, Lorna).


The meal came with a complementary dessert soup. It was fermented rice osmanthus sweet soup. It has an alcohol taste to it due to the fermented rice.

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