Tsawwassen Mills

Ben and I visited the newest mall in British Columbia on its first weekend of debut. We were there early, like just after 9:00AM. We did not have traffic or parking problem when we arrived.


We came to this new mall because we heard that it was of the largest mall in BC. It was a rainy day and we were looking for indoor walking space.

The mall has 1.2 million square feet of retail space and will have 200 retailers.


A sculpture at one of the many entrances.


The body of this bear sculpture is made with recycled items.


A tree like decor.


This wooded sculpture looks like a giant chocolate ball.


Crane sculptures with native art.


Outdoor World is one of the most impressive store. There were outdoor sport demonstration by life performer dangling high up in the air at the store front.


The interior of the store is also amazing.


There is an aquarium right at the entrance.


Painted ceiling.


There is even a room of hunting trophies.


A ‘floating man’ illusion trick performer.

When we left around 1PM, the parking lot was full and we had to drive a big round to get out. The highway leading to the mall was jammed too. Although the mall is an ideal walking place due to its size, its just a bit far for us to go.

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