KL 2017 Dinner in Kampar

After lunch at Sunway Pyramid, we went for my niece’s dentist appointment before continuing our journey to Kampar. My niece is starting school in UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman).


Love the scenery along the way with mountain view. We encountered a very heavy thunder storm during the journey. After dropping off our backpacks at my niece’s place, we went out for dinner.

My nieces (the older one returned 1 week earlier for extra curriculum activities) rented rooms in a nearby house. The house is built specifically for rental to students. Each room has its own bathroom. A room is charged RM300 to RM320 depending on the size. This house has 13 rooms.


We had Chinese meal. Typical condiments served in Malaysia, chopped garlic and Thai chili.


We had a few dishes to go with steam rice; the above is deep fried pork cutlet, Peking style.


Yellow Wine Free Range Chicken was very fragrant. The sauce is great with steam rice. Continue reading

KL 2017 Korean Lunch at Sunway Pyramid

We had lunch in Sunway Pyramid after shopping for a while.


We met up with my niece and friends at the above Korean restaurant. The restaurant was very busy. We waited for  while to get a few tables to be joined up for our group of 9 people. A server took our orders even before we get a table.


Typical Korean metal cutlery.


Banchans which you can ask for refill.


We shared dishes, trying a bite here and there. This is what we tried. The above was a chicken BBQ dish. The homemade sauce is slightly on the sweet side. Continue reading

KL 2017 Breakfast at Home

My second niece and her friends went to Sunway Piramid early in the morning to avoid the jam. We went there a bit later to meet up with them.


We had breakfast at home to test out a new coffee machine that my sister bought from Mid Valley. I tried the Cappuccino. My brother in law commented that its not as sweet as those 3 in 1 coffee. My sister is trying to cut down sugar intake as we are all aging.


The Nescafe Gold Blend Barista is RM215 (about CAD65). During the promotion, there is a complementary of 2 free bottles of Nescafe Gold Blend which is over RM30 (about CAD10) per bottle. The good thing about this machine is that it’s not using k cup which is not environmental friendly.


I had red bean paste pastry with my coffee.


I also sampled a bite of a custard bun which was heavy in weight, perhaps due to its denseness.


The Losong bread was a sweet bread. I love bread. I can have bread for breakfast every day.


Just to share my sister’s kitchen rules which I totally agreed.

KL 2017 Dessert Supper

After dinner, my second niece and her friends drove to another place to buy dessert soup while my brother in law sent the rest home.


My niece bought home some peanut nut and sesame dessert soup. The sesame dessert soup had a slight hint of burnt flavour. I love peanut dessert soup, so is my sister.


My brother also bought some Tofu Pudding. They were very smooth.


He also bought home some jackfruit. Frozen jackfruit is quite easily available in Asian groceries stores in Vancouver but not fresh one. Once in a while, there is fresh one but very expensive.

KL 2017 Mid Valley Chinese New Year Decor

After dropping off my niece, the rest of us went to Mid Valley to take in the Chinese New Year festivities. It was very jam getting into the parking lots. The good thing here is the parking lot has indicator whether they are full or not as each parking space has a censor. A red indicator means its occupied and a green indicator denotes a vacant space. So, you can see from far if there is a vacant spot.


Wow, the decoration here is really festives. Lanterns and flowers everywhere.


Flowers denote wealth.


Lots of chicks plush toys for the coming rooster year. Continue reading

KL 2017 Lui Tea Lunch

I had a simple breakfast at my sister’s home. Just coffee with lotus paste pastry.


About 11:00am, we went out for early lunch before dropping my niece for the Girls Brigade meeting.


We had lunch in a hawker’s restaurant where there are many stalls selling different food.


We came here for Lui Tea.


Lui Tea is rice served with various chopped vegetables, tofu and preserved vegetable that has been stir fried. Continue reading

KL 2017 Bak Kut Teh Dinner

After the trip to One City, we went back to Puchong to have dinner.


We went to my sister’s favourite Bak Kut Teh restaurant. The tea cup is so cute, like a toy cut.


We had two versions of the pork rib; dry and soup. The above dry version is slightly spicy and has the aroma of salted fish.


The above is the soup version. The broth here is slightly thickish, i.e not too watery type. The good thing having the soup version is that you can ask for free soup refill. Continue reading