Trip to Kuala Lumpur 2017

This is the first time I go back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year celebration in 16 years. I’m travelling home alone.


One of the native art in YVR airport.

I had an early flight at 6:00AM. Ben and I had breakfast at No.9 Restaurant, the only restaurant opens at 3:00AM. My flight to Kuala Lumpur had 2 stops. The first leg is from YVR to SFO, about 2.5 hours flight.


Besides drinks and a snack of crackers, we were also served a waffle cookie which was quite nice, a little chewy.


I arrived in a cloudy and rainy Francisco. The worst part was we had to disembark and walk to the gate in the rain.


Historical war planes decorated the ceiling in SFO airport.


A colourful mural at the gate that I departed SFO.


I chit-chatted with the passenger sat next to me and came to know she comes from Missouri. She shared with me a piece of her deer jerky sausage. It was quite nice, with a hint of spiciness and not as gamey as I expected.


The second leg of my flight was from SFO to Narita, Tokyo, a 10 hours flight. I had noodles with vegetables for lunch. I did enjoy the grain salad which had a lemony refreshing dressing. However, the greens were wilted due to overheating.


The best part of the lunch was the ice-cream dessert. It was very smooth and creamy.


Breakfast was served near the end of this flight. I had cheese omelette with potatoes and sausage.


I had to go through security at the Narita airport. I had to take a shuttle from the gate to the plane for my flight.


I had chicken with beans for early dinner. The salad was cold and crisp. The side noodle was interesting. We were served a pastry at the end of the flight.

Surprisingly, even with some delays, I arrived in Kuala Lumpur on time, close to midnight. It was a very long flight, 26 hours in total include lay over.

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