KL 2017 First Day Chinese New Year Visitation

On the first day of Chinese New Year, we visited my brother in law’s brothers and sisters homes in seniority sequence according to tradition.


The first stop is his eldest brother’s home. We were greeted with the traditional Chinese New Year lucky candy box. It is traditionally filled with candied fruit like candied lotus root, candied shredded coconut, candied lotus seed, etc. But now people mostly filled it with Chinese New Year cookies.


We were also served a dessert soup made with quail eggs, snow fungus, lotus seeds, longan, red dates and ginkgo nuts. It is a Chinese herbal sweet soup.


The next stop is to my brother in law’s second brother’s home. Here is another version of Chinese New Year lucky candy box. (more…)

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KL 2017 Reunion Dinner in Penang

We had another Chinese New Year reunion meal in my brother in law’s third brother’s home.


Home cooked food is the best, made with TLC.


Pork stomach soup. I was told that they only make this soup once a year because cleaning up the pork stomach is very tedious. They made a huge pot of the soup though.


The popular Stir Fried Jicama with mushrooms, carrots and squids. Another dish with a lot of shredding to do.


Here, we wrapped the Stir Fried Jicama in a lettuce leaf and fold into a bundle to enjoy it. (more…)

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KL 2017 Reunion Lunch in Penang

Our first visit in Penang was to my brother in law’s eldest brother’s home.


We had our reunion lunch there. Home cooked food from Penang.


Penang Lobak is a street food made with pork marinated in five spice powder mixed with chopped water chestnuts, onions, jicama, carrot, etc and wrapped tightly with bean curd sheet and deep fried.


Deep fried prawn for laughter the whole year. (more…)

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KL 2017 Foh San Dim Sum in Ipoh

Early morning of Chinese New Year eve, I followed my sister and family to Penang for their usual Chinese New Year visitation as my brother in law is from Penang.


After picking up their 2 daughters from Kampar, we continued our journey to Ipoh to have breakfast. We went to Foh San. The restaurant is big with 2 floors of dining area.


The system here is not so great as customers have to line up to pick their dim sum. The line can be long at times.


It is typical for restaurants here to provide customers with a bowl of hot water for the customers to rinse the tea cups and cutlery.


Here are some of the dim sum that we had. (more…)

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KL 2017 Hawker’s Meal 7

My brother in law (Ben’s younger brother) and my niece came to pick me up from my father’s place to their home in Kepong Baru where Ben grew up.


My sister in law had bought back the breakfast from the wet market as she’s worried that the item that Ben requested me to try is sold out.

We had Putu Mayam, an Indian snack. It is a vermicelli like rice noodle served with shredded coconut and brown sugar.


This is Ben’s favourite, “G Cheong Fun” (rice roll) served in curry sauce.


My sister in law also bought a version with sweet sauce and various “yeong tau foo”. (more…)

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