KL 2017 Madam Kwan’s in Pavilion

I met up with 3 of my secondary school classmates in Pavilion. It is the first time we meet up in 36 years. We lost contact after school and got in touch back via facebook a couple of years ago. Thanks to technology.


I wanted to eat Malaysian food, so they suggested Madam Kwan’s. We shared a few dishes to go with steam rice. The above is Kangkung (water spinach) with sambal belacan. This is RM18.90 (about CAD5.75).


The beansprouts with salted fish was not so fresh. Traditionally, this dish should not be thickened with corn starch but Madam Kwan’s version is. We asked the captain to check on it and they replaced it with a new plate. This is RM20.90 (about CAD6.35).


For protein, we had fried chicken. This is RM12.90 (about CAD3.90) per drum stick. Continue reading