KL 2017 Tea Garden

I met up with another ex classmate after 36 years of losing contact. We were school mates from primary school to high school.


She and her husband brought me back to my old home town, Ayer Panas, Setapak. The above pool is a natural hot spring where the town name originates. The hot spring was once a public pool. Now it belongs to a residence complex. The public can still access the pool with a small fee, RM 1 for soaking your legs and RM 2 for taking a bath.


We also visited our schools. There is not much change to the primary and high school. However, we were amazed by the growth of our secondary schools asĀ there is a 7 stories new block now.


After touring the schools, my ex classmate brought me to Tea GardenĀ on Jalan Genting Klang for late lunch.


We had some dim sum here. Fried Taro Cake. Continue reading