KL 2017 Kampung Style Breakfast

On a weekend morning while I sleptover at my sister’s place, we walked out to a nearby Malay stall to get breakfast.


We came across some roosters on the way.


We also came across a male papaya tree, i.e. it will not bear fruit.


This place is opened for breakfast only. The food will be sold out before 11:00am.


It’s a nasi lemak stall with various curries.


My sister had nasi lemak with cuttlefish. The fried egg is actually mine.


I had nasi lemak with chili chicken. The chicken wing was fried to crispy, so the meat was not tender but a little hard.


We had pulled tea to go with our breakfast.


After finishing our breakfast, we decided to get some kueh home for the rest of the family. They were frying bananas, sweet potatoes and taros at one corner of the stall.


We bought layer cake, seri muka and kuih kosoi.


Besides the fried kueh, we also bought some other kueh like curry puff.


Kuih keria (coated with sugar).


I like the cucur badak which has a spicy filing.


The cucur kacang hijau (green bean filing) was good too. All of the above plus 3 more nasi lemak that we packed home came to RM34.50 (about CAD10.50).


On the way back, we came across sugar cane plant.


My sister also found a kedondong on the tree that she planted which is ready to be eaten.


It was crunchy and still a bit sour but it brings back childhood memory of eating this fruit often. Looking at it just makes my saliva flows.

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