KL 2017 Heong Kee Seafood Restaurant

On the last Sunday of the weekend on my stay in Kuala Lumpur, my sister, youngest brother, my niece came from Puchong to my father’s place to bring us out for dinner. My sister in law and her twin sons also joined us.


We went to Heong Kee Seafood Restaurant in Selayang which is one of the family favourite.

We had “Yin Choy Seong Tong” which is a vegetable dish served in soup. This dish kills two birds with one stone, i.e. we can have vegetables and soup in one dish.


One of the signature item in this restaurant is “la la”, a kind of clams Apparently, they did not have the thin shell clam which is more flavourful  when we were there. Nevertheless, we just had whatever they had on that day. We opted the “kum heong” style cooking which is cooked with dried shrimp and some spices. It was a little spicy.


Another signature dish of this restaurant is the curry fish head. We had a mixture of fish head and meat. My twin nephews love this dish. (more…)

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