Tour De Gastown 2017

Ben had a workshop to attend in the evening in downtown. Coincidentally, it was on the day of the Tour de Gastown. I went downtown with him via the Canada Line to catch a glimpse of the bicycle race. I enjoyed watching the Tour de France in July as I love to see the scenery and the historical buildings along the way.

It’s my first time to watch our own Vancouver bicycle race.

The thing about the Tour de Gastown is the riders just go round and round gas town.

The best seat at a restaurant over looking the route of the Tour de Gastown.

It’s very difficult to get a good shot as the riders were riding past so fast.

Unless you have a good camera with long lens like these reporters.

A minor crash during the women race. It was a bit nerve racking when the peloton came riding through the corner.

A reporter came over to help the rider to release her shoes. She was ok as she went back on her bike and continued the race.

Another crash which involves two riders.

A lady rider was seen fixing the chain before she moved on.

The men race was much more exciting as there were many riders.

A men rider crashed and also seen fixing his bike before he rejoined the race.

Some goodies being distributed to spectators.

Below is a clip of the men race. You can see that the first rider was way ahead of the peloton.


I did not watch the race until the end as Ben’s workshop finished at 8:00PM. I rejoined Ben to take the Canada Line home around 8:15PM. It was a good experience.

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