Picnic at Derby Reach Regional Park

A small group of our Malaysian and Singaporean met up for a picnic at Derby Reach Regional Park in summer.

Ben and I arrived first and we managed to get a table under the shades.

I made “Mui Choy” ┬áBraised Pork Belly to go with steamed rice.

For dessert, I made Young Coconut Agar-agar.

J made “Mee Siam” which is a stir-fry thin rice vermicelli.

B made “Belacan Chicken Rice”.

B also made a sweet red bean dessert soup for dessert.

K baked some turmeric chicken wings.

For dessert, K made Barley and Bean Curd sweet soup and she also bought some cherries and mandarin oranges.
It was great to catch up. Our group is getting smaller as the grown up kids do not come along anymore.
One problem with this park is there is no flush toilet, only camp site style toilet.

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