Day Trip to Lynn Canyon Park

Ben and I went for a day trip on a Friday before the school year ends. We had no idea that there will be so many school children on field trip to the Lynn Canyon Park on that day.

We took the public transport here; i.e. via the sea bus and bus 228.

One of the warning sign of bear sighting. But with so many kids around, I think there will not be any bear sighting as the noise will drive the bear away.

The visitor center.

The entrance to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

A few of the spots to visit here.

One of the water fall seen while we slowly get on the suspension bridge.

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge was crowded.

Another water fall viewed from the bridge.

A zig zag wooden walk way.

A stump with a heart shape hole.

An old stump with new growth.

The Lynn Creek.

Luscious moss like vegetations hanging from tree trunks.

The 30 Foot Pool.

Some of the school kids stone skipping at the 30 Foot Pool.

From the 30 Foot Pool, we hiked up further via some man made stairs.

More prohibitions in the park.

View of the The Lion from the sea bus.
We had a good time at the Lynn Canyon Park.

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