Continental Seafood Restaurant on Cambie Road, Richmond

Some of the praise dance group participants attended the following luncheon, including me.

The speaker is highly recommended by those who had heard his talk before. The talk at this luncheon is about happiness in work place. How many of you all are happy with what you are doing at work?

The ticket for this luncheon is CAD15 and held at the Continental Seafood Restaurant on Cambie Road, Richmond.

The luncheon started with a dim sum item, i.e. siu mai.

It follows with a congee.

Another dim sum item; deep fried vegetable spring rolls.

Main entree includes honey garlic pork ribs.

Deep fried fish fillet with corn sauce. The sauce was rather starchy.

A tofu and mix vegetables dish. Just got to have some veges.

Filler includes fried vermicelli.

The next filler is fried rice.

Dessert was mango pudding.

It was a decent luncheon. I learned from the speaker that high achiever may not be the happiest person at work because the higher your position, the higher expectation from you and result in higher stress. It may cost your health and happiness.

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