Community Kitchen Christmas Potluck 2017

The community kitchen had a Christmas Potluck on the 2nd day of winter at the Caring Place Community Kitchen.

We had mostly homemade food with some store bought ones. Twenty over participants attended this event.

I made Palm Sugar Jello (Agar-agar Gula Melaka). You can find the recipe here.

Lorna made a salad.

Here are the rest of the food; marinated eggs, tofu and seaweed.

Some kind of pastry.

Cream caramel.

Some kind of soup.

Pasta salad.

Potato perogies.

Deviled Eggs.

Roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Fried rice.

Some kind of fritters.

Japanese style cheesecake by Alice.

A loaf cake.

Steamed Rice Cake with red bean; “Poot Jei Gou”.

Store bought cream puff and tarts.

Lasagna. I think I missed out Junko’s brownie cup cake.

Thank you all for sharing the food.

At the end of the potluck, we had lucky draw for the above prizes.

The above is the schedule for the first half of next year. The contact information is on the left. You can click on the photos to have a larger view.

We wished everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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