Potluck to Usher the New Year 2018

On new year’s eve, Ben and I drove to Mission to have a new year eve’s potluck with a few family friends.

Mission was struck by an ice storm a couple of days before. Ice storm is rare and it is caused by freezing rain that freeze upon impact. The aftermath scene was mesmerizing.  Trees were laden with ice. They were glittering in the sunlight. It is magical.

Below were the food we had at the potluck. It’s a Malaysian theme potluck.

I made “Asam Gai Choy” with roasted pork feet. The pork feet are rich in collagen. I like the Chinese Mustard vegetable which absorbs all the flavour of the the roasted pork feet. This dish is lightly tangy and spicy.

I also made a Chocolate Chips Banana Bread for dessert.

The host stir fried some Green Bean Cellophane Noodles.

He also made some “Kuih Dadar”; a rolled crepe wrapped with palm sugar flavoured grated coconut.

Kristin made Curry Chicken and Black Glutinous Rice Dessert Soup (I forgot to take picture of the dessert soup).

Jess made “Mee Siam”, a thin vermicelli dish with a slight tangy taste from tamarind. It is garnished with tofu puff, shrimp and cilantro.

There was also a plate of BBQ pork on the table. It was great to share at the table. We ate and chatted from 2PM to 8PM.

Here are a few more photos of ice laden trees. Enjoy.

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