Jasmine Mediterranean Foods & Halal Meat on Main St., Vancouver

After dinner at NamNam Noodle, Ben and I had a walk along Main St.

We came upon Jasmine Mediterranean Foods & Halal Meat.

The colorful posters enticed us to go in to check it out.

The baklava looks so good but rather expensive.
The samosa also looks good. We did not get any to try as we were already quite full from our dinner at NamNam Noodle.

We bought the above parathas from the freezer section. It was a bargain; 20 pieces for $7.49.

We had the paratha for breakfast. Just pan fry on a dry pan for few minutes until both sides are lightly brown. We served the paratha with some curry sauce.

The paratha is quite flaky. We will buy more if we visit the neighbourhood again.

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