Sunshine Cafe in Crystall Mall, Burnaby

Ben and I went to Crystal Mall for lunch after church service on a Sunday afternoon.

We decided to try the above Taiwanese cafe called Sunshine Cafe.

We picked this cafe because we knew that the foodcourt will be packed at this hour. It will be very difficult to find a table during peak lunch hour.

I ordered the Hot Pot with lamb. It came on a small burner to keep the broth warm. 

Besides lamb, there were an assortment of ingredients from fish cake, meatball, tofu, enoki mushroom, cabbage, tripe, intestine and pork blood in it. We left the pork blood behind.

The hotpot is served with a bowl of steamed rice and Taiwanese BBQ sauce.

I recommended Ben to order the Sesame Oil Chicken and Cabbage in Soup.

Ben’s order came with vermicelli. I prefer this over the hotpot as the broth tastes better. A lady who came in later and sat beside our table told me that Taiwanese new mother usually have the above dish for a month during their confinement after giving birth.

This restaurant accepts cash only.

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