Nabegugyo Hot Pot Cuisine on Cambie St., Vancouver

Ben and I finally get to try the ramen hot pot from Nabegugyo Hot Pot Cuisine on Cambie St. on a Friday evening.

We had wanted to check this place out for several times but just did not make it.

There is a communal long U shape table and several 2 and 4 seater tables. We were seated at the communal table. It reminds me of a hot pot place named Xiabu Xiabu that Ben and I like to go to when we were in Beijing. I did not blog about it because no photography is allowed in Xiabu Xiabu.

We were served an appetizer of sea weed salad before our food arrive.

Ben ordered the Sukiyaki Hot Pot with pork but they gave him pork instead. It came with a bowl of steam rice and …

… a big plate of vegetables which include cabbage, bok choy, 2 types of mushrooms and tofu.

I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen Hot Pot.

I ordered beef but they gave me pork instead. The kitchen must have mixed up our order. My order also came with a bowl of steamed rice and a smaller plate of vegetables and tofu.

Here is my ramen with some bamboo shoots.

We cooked our ingredients in individual pot and enjoy it at our own pace.

The meal came with an ice-cream dessert at the end of the meal. Ben had banana fudge while I had green tea.

Credit card is accepted here.

The good thing is what you see in the bill is what you pay, tips is not necessary here. I love this place.
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