Celebration of Light 2018

Every year, Ben and I will go to the Celebration of Light Festival in Vancouver. It is one of the summer highlight in Vancouver.

This year, we decided to watch it from English Bay. We found parking at West 8th Avenue and Hemlock St. and walked all the way to English Bay. The above photo was a scene taken from the Burrard Street Bridge with English Bay in view.

A sunset view with some Canadian geese swimming along the water.

Initially, we settled on a long near the water. After some thought, we changed our mind as we worried the tide will come in later into the evening. We moved on and found a spot on a grassy area. We laid down our blanket and sat down to watch the sunset and people watching as more and more people started to trickle in.

As Ben rested on the blanket, I took a stroll along the beach. I saw a lot of inuksuit built on the rocks by the beach.

More inuksuit.

The twilight was beautiful.

The fireworks started at 10:00pm. This post was from the fireworks by South Africa.

It’s always nicer to watch the fireworks live with a few hundred thousands of people.

We walked back to where we parked our car via the Granville Bridge. The above is the view of the Burrard St. Bridge.

The night lights were beautiful.

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