RMD Oriental Rice Noodle on Akroyd Rd, Richmond

My family visited the RMD Oriental Rice Noodle on Akroyd Rd for dinner on Sunday evening.

This is a new restaurant that replaced the Tri-Ty Café.

The name of the restaurant literally says “Cross Bridge Rice Noodle”; just like the art work on the wall.

The above is how the ingredients of the dish being served; everything displayed in small saucers. The sliced meat in rectangle box is charged extra for $2.99. Both Nanzaro and Ben selected lamb for the extra meat.

The broth is served very hot in a large bowl. The server told us to place the raw meat into the hot broth immediately. Underneath the raw slice meat is some iceberg lettuce. Since the vegetable is contaminated with raw meat, I would suggest to dunk the meat and the lettuce into the broth immediately into the hot broth. Ben and Nanzaro selected a spicy Szechuan and curry broth respectively. The bowl of broth was very generous.

Arkensen picked the original broth with an extra serving of meatballs for CAD$2.99. I had some of the leftover of Arkensen’s broth and it tasted good without much hint of MSG.

The thick rice noodle is served in a separate bowl.

Ben also ordered an appetizer of Cold Cut Chicken with Chili to share with me since we were sharing the noodles.

The seating is comfortable except that some of the seating were shared bench without a back to separate them. We were seated on such bench but luckily no one is behind us.

The condiment containers are modern.

We like this place except Nanzaro. Perhaps he was not too hungry or he was too picky as he does not like the corns and the cherry tomatoes.
The restaurant only accepts cash and debit card.

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