Kingspark Steak House at Westminster Hwy, Richmond

My family went out for dinner on a Sunday evening. When Ben asked what we would like to eat, everyone’s answer was “anything”. I’m sure Ben is frustrated with such answer as no one wants to take charge. Is this a common problem?

So, Ben had to decide again. He drove to Kingspark Steak House and we found a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Perhaps, it was still early, just around 5PM. Parking has not been easy in this part of the strip mall.

Nanzaro ordered the XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice. The serving was not as big as those we get from Enjoy Café 1+1.

I shared an order with Ben. We had the Seafood Chow Mien. This dish was rather disappointing. The sauce looked like glue. We will not order this dish again. The serving was also rather small.

Arkensen’s order came last as it was Baked Pork and Chicken on Rice. It was served piping hot. The baked rice was definitely better than our order.

Our meal came with a complementary hot drink. Cold drink is charged a dollar extra.

Nanzaro’s cold Ovaltine was not cold enough as the ice melted quickly in the hot drink. He had to ask for another serving of ice.

Credit card is accepted for order above CAD20.

One complement to this restaurant though, the air conditioning was strong. It was welcoming on a hot summer day.

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One thought on “Kingspark Steak House at Westminster Hwy, Richmond

  1. Hi Suanne. I believe the credit card minimum was $30, or did they change it recently? I remember going a month ago and two people’s meal + cold drink + tax was still not enough to meet their minimum.

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