PNE 2018 – Part 2

We continued our adventure at the PNE at the Action Sports World Tour at the Pacific Coliseum.

It’s a show of professional skateboarders and BMX riders performing aerial stunts on a state-of-the-art half-pipe.

Then we continued to Rollerland for the Popnology Exhibit. There was a robotic demonstration.

A scary alien sculpture.

The world first life-size 3D-printer car.

An underwater world structure made with small wood planks.

Back to Future automobile.

Our next destination was the Garden Auditorium where The Lost World of Dragons Exhibit is.

I like the Chinese Dragon.

We decided to get dinner outside of the PNE. We took the opportunity to check out Dusty Greenwell Park and Burrard View Park. We had Vietnamese dinner on East Hasting before returning to PNE.

The water station helps to keep people hydrated on a hot summer day.

We explored the Playland a little before we returned to the Fair ground. Lots of games stations with plush toys to be won.

The rides were all lighted up.

We were not aware that we had to get tickets this year for the summer night concert at the PNE Amphitheater, so we were not able to get in. Fortunately, the concert is broadcasted on big screens at the Beer Garden and the Tim Hortons Stage. We stayed for a couple of songs and left.

The Tim Hortons Stage is just in front of the BBQ stands where people can enjoy some BBQ at the picnic tables and watch the concert.

We then went to explore the Livestock Barns. The above was some raw honey spun out from the honeycombs at the Honey Bee Exhibit.

The Chef’s Garden has a variety of vegetables which is a great area for kids to learn where their vegetables come from; i.e. from the farm and not supermarket.

Brussels sprouts grow on the stem.

Guinea pigs from the Farm Animals.

Chicken and eggs.


We returned to the Festival Park for a last show.

We managed to catch a few songs from the Groove & Tonic.

The NOVA Laser Show @ 10.15pm was amazing. We did not regret the wait for it. We waited for 45 minutes in those lounge chairs which are quite comfortable but it was getting cold and we were under-dressed for the night.
I’m sure we will return to the PNE next year.

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