Octopus House in Crystal Mall, Burnaby

Since Ben and I attend church near Burnaby, we often take the opportunity to have lunch in Burnaby.

One of our favourite place is the Crystal Mall. For this occasion, Ben decided to try the “Cold Noodle” from Octopus House in the market area.

It looks healthy with a lot of vegetables, :-).

It’s a take out place. We intended to bring it to the food court to eat. I’m sure we are not supposed to bring outside food to the food court. So, Ben bought another item from the food court.

He got the House Hot Noodle from Chao Shou Wang as it’s been a while we had it. The serving was so big that we had to bring the Cold Noodle home for dinner.

The above are the sauce and chili oil that came with the cold noodle. The sauce is quite oily. We should have skim off some oil before pouring over the noodle.

The cold noodle was slightly tangy from the vinegar in the sauce and spicy from the chili oil. We enjoyed it. The serving is big enough for two. This dish is CAD8.
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