Hiking at Belcara Regional Park on Labour Day Long Weekend

On the Labour Day long weekend, Nanzaro, Ben and I decided to go for a hike at Belcara Regional Park. We could not get a parking spot at our earlier attempt this summer.

So, this time we headed out early, at 7:00am. There were plenty of parking this time.

We did 3 trails this time; the Woodhaven Loop Trail, Woodhaven Swamp Loop Trail and the Sesamat Lake Loop Trail.

I was a little concern with the above signage.

It was very peaceful and quiet when we arrived at the White Pine Beach.

Views of the Sesamat Lake as we walked along the trail next to the lake.

Fallen tree.

Some part of the trails is nicely paved with steps.

Trees laced with lichen and fungus.

Below are shots from the Woodhaven Trails.

Inuksuk in the forest.

Roots of fallen trees.

Woodhaven swamp was so still that it’s like a mirror.

A bench for hikers to relax and enjoy the nature.

An interesting tree lying above the lake.

Kayakers on the lake.

A bridge over the Sesamat Lake.

No diving allow but swimming is allowed.

Another board walk along the lake.

Some water lilies grow on the lake.

By the time we returned back to the White Pine Beach, it was quite busy with swimmers and picnickers.

It was a very good hike and it took us three hours to complete our hike.

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