ML JianBing in Henderson Place Mall, Coquitlam

After the hike at Belcara Regional Park, we went for lunch at Henderson Place Mall in Coquitlam.

The food court was not busy like those in Richmond.

Ben and I decided to try ML JianBing, a northern Chinese cuisine stall.

We ordered one of the item from the “Today’s Special”.

The Cold Noodles was al-dante, or “QQ” as the Chinese call it. It is slightly tangy as the sauce has vinegar in it.

We also ordered the JianBing which is a Chinese style pancake.

It has egg and some crispy fried dough. I felt that the sauce was rather thin as I cannot taste the sauce at all.

You can see how the jianbing is made from the stall front.

You can click on the above photos to have a larger view.
Our meal came to just below $11; cash only.

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  1. Cathy

    ML Jianbing is now under new Management. They have added more items to their menu, such as Vietnam beef noodles (the soup base is made with beef bones), salad roll, lemongrass chicken, spring roll, and curry chicken. They are all very tasty!

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