Fall Season at the Richmond Country Farms Market

Richmond Country Farms Market is one of our favourite place to shop. There is also a small animal farm (not petting zoo) on site for viewing. Pumpkin patch is opened in October and is a popular place for primary school outings. You will see a lot of school buses during the pumpkin patch season.
Country Vines Winery Tasting Room is opened for wine lovers.

It is a great place to shop for seasonal produce. When we were there, corn was the highlight.

There were few truck loads of corn and the price is unbelievable, 10 for $1.

Squashes are in season.

Ornamental Gourds for Fall decorations.

A variety of melons.

A variety of apples.

Chilies and peppers.

Colourful produce.

Peppers, cherry tomatoes and pears.


Colourful mums.

Ornamental cabbage and more mums.

Facing Heaven Peppers.

I love Fall colours.

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