Torta Persian Cuisine in Henderson Place Mall, Coquitlam

After the Lafarge Lake visit was cut short by the weather, we went to the nearby Henderson Place Mall for lunch.

We love this mall for it’s variety of Asian and Middle Eastern Cuisines.

This time, the mall seemed more busy than our previous visits. This time, we decided to try the Torta Persian Cuisine.

We picked their specialty Dizi Sangi to try as we saw a copy of a local Chinese newspaper cut out with the photo of Dizi meal pasted in the stall front. We were told that it will take 10 minutes for the food to be heated up.

Dizi is made in a small stone pot. Beware it is very hot and it came with a metal clamp for us to lift the lid.

Ben was advised how to eat the Dizi meal when he picked up the order. We were to divide the bread into 2 halves. First, dip the first half of the Sangak bread (a flat bread) into the sauce as first part of the meal.

Then, we used the masher to mash up the ingredients in the pot.

The ingredients include lamb, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and beans.

Using the remaining half of the Sangkak bread as wrap, we filled it with the herbs, mashed up meat and beans. It was a fun way to enjoy the food.

The herbs include green onions, mint, cilantro and Italian parsley.

The meal also came with a side salad of pickled vegetables.
The Dizi Sangi came to below CAD15, including tax. Credit card is accepted here.
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