Fraser Park Restaurant on Byrne Road, Burnaby

Nanzaro treated the family with a German brunch.

Fraser Park Restaurant is located at an unassuming warehouse park at Byrne Road. It was very busy when we arrived around 11:30AM on a Saturday. Sharing table is a norm here.

Ben and I shared a German breakfast as the serving is big. It is a bed of hash brown topped with 3 eggs scrambled with sauteed onions, peppers and cheese. On top of that, there is sausage and generous amount of bacon and ham.

The German breakfast also comes with 2 toasts of your choice and a piece of fruit.

Nanzaro had the deluxe German breakfast which is supposed to come with an extra piece of Schnitzel and gravy. Unfortunately, the restaurant ran out of Schnitzel and the server came to ask Nanzaro for the replacement and Nanzaro picked sausage.

We were amazed that Nanzaro managed to finish the whole serving except for the toasts which I helped him with.

He enjoyed his breakfast with some of the homemade special chili sauce.

Arkensen had the German Poutine Breakfast. His choice of egg is sunny side up. This breakfast is more saucy as it is dowsed with gravy.

Coffee is self service.

We enjoyed the hearty meal and I even had to skip dinner as it is such a big serving.

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