Chongqing Restaurant on Commercial Drive, Vancouver

A few of the participants from the Experience Works program which I attended in early 2018 got together for lunch.

Eva suggested Chongqing Restaurant as she and her gardening group used to dine here. The restaurant was not very busy on the Saturday that we met here.

Elena and I arrived first. She ordered a pork dumpling from the dim sum section to start off as she was hungry. When the rest of the group arrived, she took charge of the rest of the ordering. We had fried rice with shrimp to go with other dishes.

Since Eva is a vegetarian, we ordered one of her favourite dish, Fried Green Bean Szechuan style.

Elena ordered one of the restaurant’s specialty dish, Ginger Beef which is mildly spicy.

Elena also loves tofu and she ordered the Fried Tofu with Shrimp. The tofu is slightly crispy on the outside.

When the last participant, Homi arrived, she ordered a Chicken and Broccoli Chowmein. They like that some of the noodles were still crispy.

Some chili sauce to spice up our food.

The only complaint we had was the restaurant workers started to vacuum some tables that were not occupied while some diners, including us were still having lunch. At first, we thought they are only doing it for a particular table but they seemed to continue with the next table. Finally, Elena spoke up and asked them to stop vaccumming as we could not have a conversation with all the noise. They apologized and stopped the work. It is only appropriate that they do that when there is no customers.

The meal came to $18 per person, including tax and tips.

Fortune cookies came with the bill.

We were very happy to catch up with one another on our experience in job hunting after the program. We wished Lynda all the best in her future undertakings. Lynda is one of the facilitator of the program. Her contract ends in January 2019.

We should get together again and hope more participants can make it the next time.

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