Chinese New Year Gathering

M & J opened their home for the “Mamak Stall” Chinese New Gathering as usual. We are always grateful for their generosity.

It was a beautiful sunny day after the wind storm a day before.

Mandarin oranges for fullness and wealth, i.e. good fortune.

J made a lot of Chinese New Year goodies. We can always find some comfort food here. The above were some pineapple cookies in the shape of tangerine and little piggy. J is so creative.

More pineapple cookies. Pineapple signifies wealth and prosperity.

Peanut cookies and salted egg yolk cookies.

The labour intensive “Kuih Kapek”, all made by hand and love. They were so crispy.

J’s specialty Fish Salad, “Yue Sang”. In Malaysia, we have this on the 7th day of Lunar New Year which celebrates everyone’s birthday. We wished one another with well wishes while we tossed the salad high in the air.

J made some blanched vegetables since the rest of us brought meat.

K made Steamed Chicken with red dates, goji berries, “tong gwei”, wood ears, shiitake mushrooms and lots of ginger. She also made Red Bean Sweet Soup for dessert.

In the year of pig, Ben made “Hakka Char Yoke” two ways. The above is just the deep fried pork belly. The second dish was the above braised with wood ears. I did not have a photo of the second dish.

It was another great gathering. Thank you M&J for hosting and J&K for the delicious food.

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