Healthy Soyfoods in Crystal Mall

Ben and I often go to Crystal Mall for lunch after church service as we love the ethnic food in the foodcourt.

We love this Healthy Soyfoods stall on the ground floor at the market place. There is a line most of the time.

The soy pudding came in a huge pot.

The above is the savoury version i.e. gravy with egg and mushroom. This tub is $2. We enjoy every drop of it. The soy pudding was silky smooth.

The above is the $2 tub.

This is the sweet version with ginger syrup. I love this version too as I have sweet tooth.

The left over syrup. There is simply too much syrup.

We also tried the large tub which is $4 with peanuts and tofu puff in savoury gravy. The peanuts were so tender and they just melt in your mouth. The tofu puff added a different texture to the smooth tofu pudding.

This one can be a meal by itself for one person.

This place accepts cash only.

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