Dolar Shop Hot Pot in Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

Emily, Marian and me met up at Dolar Shop Hot Pot for dinner on a week day. Emily had just returned from China.

Emily made reservation and she was there early to ensure we had a table. Marian picked me up from work and when we arrived, there were people waiting in the waiting area.

Do not be misled by the name of this place, it sounds like dollar store but it is a high end hot pot restaurant.

There is a sauce bar with appetizers and various sauces for you to mix and match.

Here are some of the items on the sauce bar.

The appetizers include kimchi, seaweed and roasted peanuts.

There is some fruits. I did not catch the right timing to take the shot. By the way, on our way in, we saw a server passing some fruits in a paper cup for those waiting for a table at the waiting area; a nice gesture.

Dolar Shop serves individual hot pot. The decorative rings are to protect from the metal hot pot.

I picked a combination of spicy broth and tomato broth.

Emily ordered the pork leg bone broth.

Marian’s mushroom broth was really nice.

Before our items arrived, the server brought a platter of condiments over to make the sauce for us. You can pick what you like.

Remember the sauce bar, you can also make your own sauce. The condiment bars is not free, we were charged $11.97 for it (i.e. $3.99 per person).

We also asked the server to bring us some fruit while waiting for our items.

Emily took the liberty to pick the order. The above are the beef and lamb platter.

The fried bean curd is a popular item as many tables ordered it. We were advised to just dunked it in the broth for only 3 to 5 seconds for the best texture.

I ordered the tri-color noodle as it sounds interesting. The server told us to eat them quickly so that the noodle will not dry out.

Here are the rest of items that Emily ordered; lotus root.

Beef tripe.

Seaweed knots.

Fish tofu.

Winter melon.

Elephant yam noodle. They were good with my spicy broth.

I did not try the duck blood, just feel not right to eat blood.

For dessert, we had the banana pancake. They have a durian version too.

We asked to split the bill for easy payment. It came to $52 per person including tax and tips. Credit card is accepted here.

Complimentary ice-cream at the end of the meal.

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