Garry Point Park Cherry Blossom Festival

On 7th April, Ben and I decided to go to the Garry Point Park Cherry Blossom Festival after our lunch after church service.

This is the 3rd year of this festival held at Garry Point Park.

This is the first time we came to this festival.

The program of the festival at various tents. Fortunately, the weather was perfect during the festival. The tents are just for precaution in case of shower as April is usually a wet month.

Here are some of the events; Sado Tea Ceremony at the Hanami Tent.

Sakura Origami at the Hanami Tent.

Bonsai demonstration at the Kuno Tent.

A couple of the few bonsai on display.

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy at the Hanami Tent.

There were several food carts set up which include Japa Dog, Pajo’s Fish & Chips, etc. The lines were obviously long.

Picnic under the cherry blossoms, a popular practice in Japan.

Here are more photos of the view at the festival.

I enjoyed the festivities and simply love the cherry blossoms.

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