Xian Noodle Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

My family went out for dinner on a weekend. It is getting rarer for the whole family to eat out together.

Xian Noodle Restaurant has a location on No. 3 Road now, on the row of shops north of Real Canadian Superstore.

The decor is simple and pleasant. We were there early and the restaurant was not busy.

We were handed a Chinese menu and we had to ask for an English one.

I guessed most patrons of the restaurant read Chinese.

Arkensen ordered a Lamb Noodle Soup.

His Lamb Noodle Soup came with thin noodle. The broth has a great lamb flavour and I helped him to finish the broth since he is not into the broth.

Ben ordered the Hot Oil Noodle with Beef Shank. The thinly sliced beef shank has a nice salty flavour to complement the broad noodle. There is an extra charge for the beef shank.

The noodle was not only broad but long.

Nanzaro also ordered a Hot Oil Noodle but with House Pork.

I ordered the Lamb with Bun in broth.

The cut up bun soak up the broth, hence absorb the flavour of the broth. There is some vermicelli in my bowl too.

It was a good meal. Ben and I were too full as we cannot have an individual bowl of noodle nowadays. We usually share a bowl of noodle when we eat at food court.

Nanzaro, thank you for treating the family for a nice meal out. Credit card is accepted here.

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