Shine Valley Lamb Soup on Garden City Road, Richmond

This is a meal to celebrate mother’s day plus birthday and something else for Nanzaro.

Ben suggested a couple of places for Nanzaro to choose and he picked Shine Valley Lamb Soup.

The decoration is very traditional with wooden tables and benches. The benches were a bit hard on the bum.

Chinese tea is served.

We had some grilled lamb as appetizer. Six skewers for CAD9.

We ordered the large lamb soup to share. The soup came with vermicelli, suey choy and thin slices of lamb. I think you can have the option to have the suey choy or not. All of us enjoyed it.

The soup came with two complimentary pancakes. We had a five spiced and a red bean to try.

The pancake is flaky and a bit dry.

The lamb with green onion is the boys’ favourite.

We intended to order a green bean dish but somehow Ben ticked the wrong box and we got the above instead. It is candied floss sweet potato. It turned out pretty good.

The server told us to dip the candied sweet potato into a bowl of cold water before eating it. The cold water makes the sugar coating more crunchy when we bite into it.

Credit card is accepted here for order above $50, otherwise cash only.

Some discount for big spender; I think only applicable for the next visit.

Restaurant business hour.

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  1. Kaylee

    Chow Times was literally the first foodie blog I came across many years back!! I was completely in awe of the adventures that your family took! I live in Houston & seeing you post such diverse entries made me venture out into my own city looking for stuff that you & your family had blogged about.

    While I don’t check up on this blog as much as I used to; I just want to say how much I appreciate all the hard work and passion you and your husband have put into it.

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