Hawker’s Delight and a Day in QE Park

After 6 years of blogging, we had written over 2,200 blog posts. There are so many posts that s0metimes we can’t quite remember some of the places and recipes that we had bloged about before.

However, there is one post we always remember. It was the first post where we received the first negative comments. That first negative comment did bite. It was over 4 years ago and I still remember the words clearly. Someone left a remark saying:

“you sound like an arrogant fool for some reason. no. more like a petty-bourgeois douchebag.  meh.”

It was at this post where I blogged about Hawkers Delight. I thought it was a balanced and honest review. I said the food is cheap and tasty. I also said that the place is also not exactly clean.  The first time we got a comment like that, it did hurt a lot. Since then, we did get more such comments. The bigger chowtimes got, the more comments we get and along with it not all comments were positive. I guess this all came with the territory.

It is quite alright for people to disagree with chowtimes … but it is better to do so respectfully. One thing Suanne and I have always done is to make sure that we publish every comment even if it is negative. After six years, we have only thrashed six comments that we thought had grossly crossed the line and if we did that, we do announce that we had deleted comments. You can rest assure that we will never delete any comments even if it criticised chowtimes.


Hawkers is one of those restaurants that we had been back many times. It is just that we did not blog about it. We like it because it is cheap and most often than not, it is also good.

A few weeks ago, Suanne and I decided to have lunch in Hawker’s Delight and blog about it. After all, it was four years already since we last wrote about them. Time to refresh the content.

Hawker’s Delight is located on Main Street near the intersection with King Edward.


Hawker’s Delight is small. It seats less than 30 people and it is really cramped. The place had not changed much over the years.

Hawker’s is known for their … (more…)

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Harbour Spirit Restaurant on No 3 Road, Richmond

Updated 9th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

The opening of the Harbour Spirit Restaurant was perhaps one of the most anticipated on over the last few months. One of the reasons is that they were taking an old location vacated by Sammy J Peppers which is a large space and highly visible along the No 3 Road.

They are so big that we were told by the restaurant that they will “specialize” on Cantonese AND Sichuan AND Northern AND Hot Pot when we went there (did not eat) on their opening day (see here). I can’t find that comment now but I distinctly remember someone saying that with trying be everything to everyone, they will either succeed big time or they will fail big time.


The initial reports from this place were mostly unfavourable. I was not surprised because with such a big operations there are a lot more kinks to sort out. As much as Suanne and I would like to go check them out, we decided that against it. We sort of knew what the experience would be like — no different from all the early reports.

We finally went after they were opened for 1.5 months. That should be enough time to have things to settle down and well past the dry run periods.


It does seems like the Harbour Spirit have deep pockets. They want to open up with a bang to awe people. On the surface they did quite a good job. The chandeliers and the heavy set chairs were highly visible. But on a second glance, they are still very rough around the edges. It is in the details that they fell short.

OK things like this bother me especially when they try to be classy but ignore the details. The white table cloth above, I find them distractingly nonuniform. That was not just it. The materials are cheap and too light that it shifts when you move the plates or teapot around.  And they are wrinkled.


They must have spend some … (more…)

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Huang’s Beef Noodle on Victoria Drive and East 54th, Vancouver

As I was loading the pictures for this post yesterday, I was marveling at this picture below.


I was thinking how amazing it was when we had this. The simplicity of the dish and yet it is delicately complex. The entire process that goes into making this involves techniques that one takes for granted but not many cuisine would even dare to think of.

And then while I was loading the pictures, I came across a website which has a picture of a bag of Pork Floss and under the picture it says something like “Used for getting bacon out from between your teeth!”

It was then I realized how repulsive (for the lack of a better word) the dish above is to other cultures and yet to me this is considered a delicacy.

What I like about this is also that this is cheap. This is called simply the Preserved Egg with Tofu and is $3.50. This is a cold dish and the tofu is sometimes chilling cold when served.


The thing that is strange to non-Asians is the … (more…)

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Mi Quang? Mi Cao Lau? Hoi An?

Have you ever tried this noodle before?


I just stumbled upon this noodle just last week. It was a random find. I was on my way home when I decided to stop by a restaurant as I often do when I feel hungry. I tried it and I thought it was very good. It was so good that I went back two days later with Suanne in tow to check it out again.

This noodle is unlike ones you would have tried before. For one, it has a distinctive yellow color. Actually the yellowness is quite “neon-like” for the lack of a better word. Whatever it is, this restaurant I went to says that they are the only restaurant serving noodles from a historic small town somewhere in Asia.

It is not just this one dish. There is another one too.


OK, I’ll let you know what they are but please keep it between us OK? We cannot let too many people know about this. 🙂

Well, this dish is called … (more…)

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Golden Harvest Seafood Restaurant on Main and 32nd Ave, Vancouver: Spot Prawns for Da Lang

It’s Spot Prawn season.

All the excitement on Spot Prawns had been going on for the past few years and each time the season comes around this time of the year, I had never quite bothered with what the deal is. Maybe it was because I was quite put off with all the publicity generated by the media and all.


But this year, I’ll try to learn a bit more.

Here is what little I learned over the last few days about Spot Prawns:

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Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant on Sexsmith Road, Richmond: Not Too Shabby

Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant in Richmond. I think not many of you would have heard about them. I think if I mention the name Lam Chu Kee, it might ring a bell.

Lam Chu Kee closed a few months ago. It was such a sad thing because Lam Chu Kee was one of our go-to Da Lang (late night supper) places. In the same location today is Sing Yee … and Sing Yee doesn’t do Da Lang like Lam Chu Kee used to.


We decided to go check out Sing Yee. They have these poetic descriptions of what they serve written on the window.

Other than the name change, the insides does look the same as it was when it was the previously. I asked them how long they had been opened. It was about 6 months already. Wow, time flies. I swear that Lam Chu Kee had closed just a couple of months prior. 6 months seems way too long for us not to have noticed. I thought maybe the waitress did not know and just blurted out that answer.

The waitress also mentioned that Sing Yee is under a new management and does not have anything to do with the previous Lam Chu Kee management.

That night it was very busy. We were there on a Saturday at about 8PM. The restaurant, which was quite spacious, was almost full. So that is a good sign.


The restaurant is well staffed. It is … (more…)

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Dona Cata Mexican Restaurant on Victoria and 34th, Vancouver

Truth is I know very little about Mexican food. Sometimes I get confused with what is what in Mexican cuisine. Perhaps what I know about Mexican food can be summed up as follows:

Quesadillas has cheese. Tacos can be soft shell or hard shell. Burritos is a Mexican wrap. Oh … what is fajitas now? Can I say it is like quesadillas without the cheese? What is enchiladas now? I can imagine some of you now shaking your heads side  to side and tsk-tsk’ing me. Go ahead. 🙂

Apart from not having someone to teach me about the cuisine, perhaps one of the things that prevents me from trying more is because I associate Mexican cuisine with beans. I just never liked beans. Never did since when I was young.

Another thing too. I always thought of Mexican food as colorful food. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because of the fruits I had before or the colorful chips.

And of course … Mexican food is spicy!


We met up with Mo and Patch. This is so long ago I can’t even remember when exactly it was. Maybe it was at least 2 months ago.

Mo is the one who writes the EcoGreenBean blog. Mo suggested that we meet in Dona Cata and since we had not blogged about this place before we readily agree. It is good that we blog about non-Asian food once in a while, right?

The Dona Cata is a popular restaurant, and is one of only a handful of Mexican restaurant in town. The Mexican flag draped in front of the restaurant tells me that Mexicans are proud of their flag. How come we don’t often see Asian restaurants have flags draped outside the restaurant is what I was trying to say.


This is one restaurant that is well covered by the media for sure. They had amassed quite a lot of news articles which they proudly frame up and hung on the wall. They are running … (more…)

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Kam Do Bakery Opening

Some of you had been asking about Kam Do Bakery and when they are opening. I thought I give everyone a little update.


We drove past the place today while on the way back from dining out. We saw that the paper that was covering the windows had finally been taken down.

The interior looked fancy with chandeliers and all. So the question is: when is Kam Do opening?

Well …  (more…)

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U Good Restaurant on Union Square, Richmond: No Longer Just Hot Pot

Updated 9th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

We had always thought that U Good is a hot pot restaurant. That is why we had never quite had the desire to give them a second glance unless we want to go for hot pot.

Yeah, they started off as a hot pot restaurant and indeed they are known to be one. The other thing that we did not take a closer look was that, this being a hot pot restaurant, their windows are often misted up. So we could not even take a look as we drive past.


I don’t know when this happened but U Good had stealthily changed their name by dropping the words “Hot Pot” from their sign. I knew they were closed for a bit sometime last year. Maybe that was when it happened.

That day when we visited, Suanne and I were unsure of where we wanted to go for dinner since the boys were away again for their extra curricula activities. We thought we just go to the Union Square in Richmond and walk around to see if there is anything that will pique our interest. There are quite a few restaurants in Union Square that we have never blogged about before anyway.

We were not interested in having hot pot but we happened to park right in front of the restaurant. What we saw was … wow, this is not a hot pot restaurant only. As a matter of fact, they are now a HK Style Cafe AND a Hot Pot restaurant. We were not aware of that transformation and so I am thinking here that there could be a number of people who are not aware of another HK Style Cafe in their midst.

The restaurant is quite big. If I am not mistaken, they had expanded to take up two shop lots. It is like a two-in-one place. On one side is still set up as a hot pot place with built in burners and sprinkler systems. On the other side it is like what you see in a HK Style Cafe — booth tables and all.

When we were there, there were more customers having hot pot than there were on the HK Style Cafe side.


This is not a AYCE (all you can eat) hot pot restaurant. Click on the menu pages above and you will see what I mean. The hot pot is individual plate orders and they serve the plates in a nice gold multi-tier serving platters.

We did not have the hot pot but they do look like a higher end, better quality kind of hot pot. The soup base is $5.00 to $10.00. The meats are mostly in the $4.00 to $5.00 range. There are also more expensive (“current price”) meats on the menu too like … (more…)

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Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory on Ackroyd Road, Richmond

I don’t plan to blog about this place so soon and wanted to blog only sometime next week. But I think I better just go ahead and write about it since we accidentally published an unfinished post yesterday. So here goes.


Tokyo Joe’s is one of those place we would have never been to up until a few weeks ago. Our boys love sushi but the thing is, Suanne hates sushi. We are trying to get her to learn to love uncooked food so that we can visit more Japanese restaurants. Believe it or not … until today I had never been to a Izakaya before and ironically Suanne had. She went to Guu in Aberdeen.

In other thing that prevents us from giving Tokyo Joe’s a second glance is the name. It’s full name is Tokyo Joe’s Sushi Factory. The words “Joe” and “Factory” just does not evoke images of quality sushi.


We went this time. The boys wanted sushi and I said I will not go for sushi if mummy does not take at least one piece of sushi. Hehehe … that worked. Suanne will do anything for the boys. Of course just so that she does not back out, we all shook hands to seal the deal.

This place is … (more…)

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