Chowtimes Eighth Anniversary

I can’t believe we have been at blogging for eight years already. Today is chowtimes’ eighth anniversary. So I thought I make a customary birthday post today.


When we started writing, our boys were barely into their teens and we spent countless meals eating out with them. Today they are young adults on their own, and sadly, they are going out eating more and more with their friends. (more…)

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Well, well, well.

It is good to know that after five years we are still at it – sharing our food adventures and part of our lives with every one. It had been a really long journey to say the least from the first very simple blog post I wrote (Hello World) back on January 5th, 2006.


2010 had been another year of growth for chowtimes. Having written one post after another almost everyday, it is kind of hard to pinpoint that one thing that contributes to the increase in readership. With 2.7 million pageviews in 2010 alone, we are just glad that there are more than a few people who finds the stories on chowtimes interesting enough to return to check what Suanne, Nanzaro, Arkensen and Ben had been up to. I keep telling people that chowtimes readers are following a soup opera. LOL!

Thanks a lot for the support and encouragement everyone!

It is these things that we find that extra ounce of energy to write another post when the mind and body just yearns to be “normal”. You know …


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Time flies.

It had been four years now. Suanne and I said Hello World on January 5th, 2006. Looking back on all this time, had changed a lot. So had Suanne and I.

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2009 had been a year of tremendous growth for the site. Last year, we had managed to doubled the traffic from the previous 3 years combined. Some of you will remember that disappeared from the blogosphere in May 2009. That was when we were kicked out (without warning!) by our cheap hosting company for having too much traffic. So we were forced offline for 8 days while we migrated the entire blog (49GB and 39,000 files). And during the 8 days, Google thought that we no longer existed and dropped us entirely from their indexes. Our readership plummeted  and we were back to square one. Long story short, it took 6 months for the traffic to recover entirely.

Suanne and I enjoyed blogging a lot. Often it also felt like a real second job with deadlines and projects. What we enjoyed most is the interactions we had with our readers. In the process, we had learned a lot not just about food and in many other ways. If there is just ONE thing that we are thankful for, it is all the great friends we had made along the way.

Suanne and I tell ourselves that we will one day wake up and decide that we will do something else. Nothing in this world is permanent. But that day is still way beyond the horizon.

For this 4th anniversary of, Suanne and I want to say a big thank you for all the support each of you have given us … fully realizing that without your support, would not have been where we are today. Please continue to give us your feedback on how we can improve.

Anyway, I thought I pull together some lists (I love lists!) of the happenings on


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