Kungfu Noodle on Alexandra Road, Richmond

We intended to go for dinner at Cattle Cafe on Alexandra Road on a weekend. But we were surprised to see that it has been replaced by another cafe. So, we went to Kungfu Noodle next door with the consent of the boys.


Nanzaro ordered the Kungfu Dark Fried Rice. This is more like Malaysian style fried rice. Nanzaro said he even sensed a hint of belacan in it.


Nanzaro enjoyed his fried rice with lots of chili.


Ben ordered the Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup which is a popular dish in Xian. The difference here is we do not get to tear up the pita bread ourselves. It is served cut up into perfect cubes. (more…)

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Silkway Halal Cuisine on Saba Road, Richmond

I picked Silkway Halal Cuisine for Mother’s Day and birthday celebrations. I felt short change because my birthday is near mother’s day and I only got to celebrate once.


The parking spots at rear are quite small and difficult to park.


This was a Sichuan restaurant before and now it changed to a halal restaurant. So, Muslim can eat here.


The decoration is still the same as the previous restaurant. The theme of wooden furniture has an antique look to it. Arkensen commented that the chairs are very uncomfortable as they are hard.


We saw the Chinese award plaque as we walk to our table.


We ordered the award wining Sliced Lamb with Pickled Cabbage in Hot Pot. It was alright. The sourness of the pickled cabbage kind of whet up our appetite. This soup is slightly spicy as there are some green chilies in it. (more…)

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Wang Shun Ge Grill Richmond on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben was on leave due to some family emergency over the weekend. We went out to run some errands at Lansdowne Mall and went for lunch in the vicinity of Alexandra Road.


We saw a new grill fish restaurant next to Seto Sushi on Alexandra Road. We love Beijing style grill fish and so we decided to give it a try.


It was just past 11:30AM and the restaurant was empty. In fact, we waited for a while before someone came out from the kitchen.


I like the glass drinking jars that are used to serve Chinese tea to us.


We came for the grill fish and so grill fish it is. You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.


We ordered the grilled Red Snapper with medium spiciness and a few extra vegetables. The dish is served on some kind of heat source to keep it warm. (more…)

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Kung Fu Noodle on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Marian and I intended to buy Lorna lunch at a new noodle restaurant in Alexandra Road to celebrate her birthday.


King Fu Noodle is located next to Cattle Cafe which we just blogged not long ago.


We were the first customers there at 11:00AM on a week day. The seating is not cramp.


Their menu is complete with photos.


Marian was in-charged of ordering as she had dined here before. The above was Red-Cooked Chicken in the appetizer section. It was served cold and had five spice flavour. This is $4.99.


The second appetizer we ordered was Shredded Potato with Chili for $3.59. It was not very spicy but had a vinegarish taste and a crunchy texture. (more…)

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Old Xian’s Food on Alexandra Road, Richmond

When Ben told me that there is a new Xian restaurant in Richmond via Tiffanie’s of Eating Club Vancouver posting on facebook, I told Ben to go there the next day. It brings back memory of our trip to Xian. Before this discovery, the place I can find Xian food is at the Richmond Public Market.


Old Xian’s Food is located between Deer Garden and Haroo, the only strip mall where restaurants are found on the second level on Alexandra Road.


The poster in front of restaurant immediately brings back memory of the Biang Biang Noodle we had at Xian.


The restaurant was not busy when we were there on a Sunday afternoon. The wall is decorated with some very colourful art.


The menu is simple, just a one page menu. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


Ben ordered the Lamb Meat in Soup for $9.75. (more…)

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Beijiang Restaurant, Alexandra Road, Richmond

Ben missed the food from Beijing. So, we went to Beijiang Restaurant for dinner on a Saturday evening. There were only three of us as Nanzaro hanged out with his friends at the night market.


For appetizer, Ben ordered a hand pull egg plant. This is served cold, appropriate for a hot summer day. This is $4.99.


Ben loves the “Big pan noodle” from Beijing and he ordered a medium size one to share although the server told us that a small one will be enough for three. This dish usually comes with red and green sweet peppers and potatoes. There were also some hot green chili which I accidentally mistaken as the sweet peppers and it was really spicy hot. (more…)

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Noodles from Beijing Noodle House

The boys slept in on Sunday. Ben and I went out for early lunch before going for groceries shopping.


We went to Beijing Noodle House for some light lunch. Ben ordered a Beef Noodle Soup. Although the beef had layers of fat but it is still a little tough for me. Ben enjoyed the noodle which has the right amount of chewiness. The beef noodle soup is $7.50.


I had a Lamb Noodle Soup which is $8.50. I can taste the lamb flavour in the broth. This is pretty good. (more…)

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Beijing Noodle House on Buswell Road, Richmond

This was the first dining out meal after Ben returned from Beijing. Ironically, he picked Beijing Noodle House.


The Cumin Lamb ($14.95) is for the boys as they love this dish here. It’s just pure deep fried lamb with cumin without the contamination of vegetables.


The Stir Fried Green Beans ($12.95) is also the boys pick. The two vegetables that they like is green beans and egg plant. The green bean dish has some crispy ground pork, onion, green and red sweet peppers and chili pepper. The rest of the vegetables were cut small, so the boys do not mind.


Ben ordered the Chinese Burgers ($5) with pork for Nanzaro to try. The order comes in two. They were quite dry. Not a fan. (more…)

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5 Loaves 2 Fish Restaurant on Garden City Road and Blundell Road

I met up with Lorna for lunch on a week day. Initially, we intended to eat at Kiriri on Garden City Road. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed for 10 days.


So, we cross the road to look for another place to have lunch. We decided to try the above new 5 Loaves 2 Fish Restaurant; a Northern Chinese cuisine restaurant. A while ago, Ben and I did notice this new restaurant. But a glance at their take out menu, it looks more like a chopsuey restaurant.

5 Loaves 2 Fish Chopsuey Menu (1)5 Loaves 2 Fish Chopsuey Menu (2)5 Loaves 2 Fish Chopsuey Menu (3)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The restaurant was quiet when we arrived; just one table was occupied. A while later, a few more customers walked in.


After browsing through the menu for a while, we could not make up our mind of what to order. So, we asked the server for recommendation for their Northern Chinese specialties. She recommended the above Stir Fried Potatoes, Eggplants & Green Peppers. It was $9.99. Other than a bit oily, it was pretty good; the sauce was flavourful and great with steamed rice. (more…)

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Northern Chinese Cuisine on Saba Road, Richmond

Nanzaro and I went out for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Arkensen wanted to catch his favourite Dr. Who show; so he asked us to bring salted fish chicken fried rice from the Richmond Public Market for him.


I had wanted to come here for the Mala Xiang Guo for a long time since Fmed blogged about it. The Northern Chinese Cuisine had been here for a least a year.

Parking is at rear with marking for customers of 8188.


I like the traditional Chinese decoration of this restaurant.


The above is a table decor under the glass.


I was looking for Mala Xiang Guo on the menu but was not able to find it. So, I asked the server about it. He told me that there is a dish called Xiang Guo Prawns which is similar. It’s a new dish and not on the menu yet. (more…)

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