Wing Kee Restaurant in Richmond

Suanne and I had just sent off our boys for summer camp. They will be away for a full two weeks in Vancouver Island. While they are away, Suanne and I took the opportunity to scoot off on a vacation on our own.

We did not want to go far for dinner because we had to get to the airport in just a couple of hours. We drove down to Granville in Richmond and found this place called Wing Kee.


Wing Kee (also known as New Wing Kee) is located on the south side of Granville between Buswell and St Albans. From the outside, it looked very plain. Not really caring what we wanted we went in … and found a gem of a place.


Wing Kee seems like a Cantonese place as everyone speaks impeccable Cantonese here. I am not sure about you but I swear can make out the difference between a Mainland China Chinese and non-Mainland China Chinese. Here, the customers speaks, dresses and behaves very much like the “older” generation of Chinese immigrants … i.e. the folks from Hongkong who migrated to Vancouver in droves in the 1990s before HK were reverted to China.

One thing I observed too … that it seems like they are expert foodies here and ordering unique dishes food that we had never quite seen before.


We ordered from the English menu. I so wished I could read Chinese as the special dishes are pasted on the wall, just like they do in old China. (more…)

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Two Brothers Chinese Restaurant and Cafe on Granville, Vancouver

We were actually trying to go to the The Place Restaurant for dinner the other day but found that they were closed. Since we were quite hungry and did not want to go drive to another place, we decided to just walk along Granville St in the south side of Vancouver to look for another place to eat.


We found a place called Two Brothers which was kind of interesting for a name. From their logo I would guess that it’s operated by two brothers … one who is suave to work in the dining room and another who is a master of the wok. If you ask me, I would prefer to be the suave one — there is no glamour in being a Chinese chef.


This is a no frills place. The furniture are tacky and the color coordinating atrocious. Moreover, they uses the very practical plastic table cloth but I thought the choice of the patterns terrible. The picture above does not look too bad does it not? Somehow, the picture turn out OK but really if you are there, it does not look as good. We also had a couple of bowl that were slightly chipped and dated which to many people is a no-no.

But looks alone could be deceiving as we later found out.

They have quite an extensive menu but they also have what they call the “Special Family Dinner”. We ordered the Special Dinner for Three which for $35.95, we get to choose any three items from 65 dishes. For that price, we also get free house soup, jelly fish, steamed rice and dessert. Sounds like a good deal right? It sure was.


The Jelly Fish was good as an appetizer. It’s cold, spicy and had a certain crunch to it. I like this and was wondering if one could normally make this at home. Looks simple right? Must have just been shredding the jelly fish and then marinating it in some sort of a dressing.


Next came the free house soup which is also pretty good. I am not sure what you would call this but basically it has pork as the base flavour. (more…)

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Neptune Sharkfin Seafood Restaurant on No 3 Road in Richmond

We had always thought that some of the worst time to go for dim sum is on a Saturday morning. Generally, Chinese breakfasts are simple affairs but if one wanted something more substantial then the only breakfast to go for is dim sum.

BTW, for those of you uninitiated to the intricacies of dim sum, I have you know that dim sums are always served in the morning. You can also get dim sums for lunch but never for dinner. I don’t know the reason why — it just is.


The Neptune Sharkfin and Seafood Restaurant is one of the known dim sum places in Richmond. You will never miss it on the No 3 Rd. It is on the Richport strip mall on Akroyd. Despite that prime location, we had only been there like once every two years.

As the name implies, it is basically a seafood restaurant serving really upscale dining options. They have $398.80 dinner for two on their menu which includes dishes like shark fin, abalone, giant prawns, bird nest and stuff. So, if you want to splurge, this is the place.

If you want to go cheap, they also have menu for six for only $128.


Neptune does not have push carts that delivers dim sum to your table. You order them and they deliver it from the kitchen. They were pretty fancy in that they have colored order forms. The English translations helped. Their specials and unique dishes are highlighted in red which makes selection easier.

For dim sum, their “happy hours” is 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM which a small selection is just $2.50 each.


Neptune is decidedly more cleaner and classier than most dim sum restaurants. I am not making this up but I swear their customers dresses better too. You know how it is in some dim sum places where the customer came without combing their hair, in shorts and looks like they just got out of bed. Well, I was looking just like that and felt immediately out of place!


The tab came just under $40 which is not too bad considering how much we ordered. We certainly will come back again someday.


The above is one of their special dishes. It is called Abalone Buddhist Delicious Dumpling which costs $3.98. It was alright … (more…)

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Lucky Fortune Seafood Restaurant in Richmond

Updated 21st Jan 2012: We were notified by Jim & Karen that this restaurant had closed.

For a change, Polly and I decided to go for dim sum instead of cake. Actually, we had no luck that morning in search of a good cake place. First, we went to Richmond Bakery at No. 5 Rd and Cambie where we found out that the parking is only limited to one hour maximum. On top of that, when we checked out the bakery, it does not meet our appetite. Then we decided to go to Le Bon Bon but found out that it only opens at 11:00 am and it was not even 10:00 am at the time. So, we finally decided to go dim sum instead.

I remembered my neighbour had recommended Lucky Fortune Seafood Restaurant for their dim sum. So, Polly and I decided to check it out.


Lucky Fortune Seafood Restaurant is located at Union Square.


The restaurant is of medium size and the tables fill up quickly. We noticed that the prices for Chinese dishes are very reasonable too, range from $5 to $8. The Dim Sum price is only $2 for small, medium or large before 11:30 am and there after it’s $2.50. The restaurant opens at 9 am.

The only problem is that the dim sum menu is in Chinese only. Luckily, Polly can read Chinese. Ben and I will have some problem coming here ourselves.

Polly and I ordered 8 dishes to share, a bit too greedy. Here are the items which we ordered.


Steamed Black Bean Pork Ribs.


Steamed Beef Ball with Bean Curd Skin. We thought that it is a wrap when we ordered this. (more…)

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Mak’s Noodle Restaurant in Richmond

Updated: 2nd Jan 2015; This restaurant is now called Max Noodle House according to

I know I am soooo behind in my blogs but I just realized how behind I was. Well, we went Mak’s in January and it is until now I got down to blogging about it. Frankly, I find so little time to do the things I enjoy these days. But anyway, I only have this entry and tomorrow’s to go before I get started on the Seattle Spring Break series.

For today, it’s about Mak’s Noodle Restaurant. We only got to know about Mak’s when Erick commented that they have one of the best wonton noodles in Richmond. Erick is from Seattle and he comes over to Richmond every now and then just for food! So, I guess being a true-blue foodie, he knows where the great food is.


We would not have found Mak’s on our own. It is sort of tucked deep in a strip mall along Alexandra Rd, the “eat street” of Richmond. The address if you are interested is 1200-8580 Alexandra Road. It is a Cantonese restaurant and their specialty is wonton noodles.


Table condiments are the all important chili oil (or oil chili?) for wonton noodles. As important as the wonton and noodle, the chili oil is just as indispensable.

There are vinegar too but I had never understood the use of vinegar here. I mean, what do you use that with?


Nanzaro insisted in making his own order. As long as he does not order Fried Rice again, we just let him decide on his own and stay out of commenting on his poor choice. He ordered the Lo-Mein with Shredded Pork in Spicy Brown Sauce. Six bucks … hmmm … (more…)

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Michigan Noodle Shop in Richmond

Updated: 2nd Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed.

I can almost swear that this place is new. Well, not new-new but new as in about 4 months new. We had been eating around Alexandra Rd every other weekend but it never quite notice it until recently. You know, with a name like Michigan, we can almost guess this is another HK Style Cafe. Suanne and I still have not figured out why so many HK Style Cafes are named after American Cities.


The Michigan Noodle Shop is located at the eastern end of Alexandra Road. It is actually on the same strip mall as Zen Chinese Cuisine and across the road from Coco Chili. You won’t miss, not with that bright yellow signboard in an otherwise drab looking strip mall. Parking might looked to be very limited but just so that you know, you could actually drive up the ramp and park upstairs.


We really thought that this place is one of the more expensive restaurant especially with their decor and expensive cars parked outside. It turned out that it’s a very traditional Chinese restaurant and nothing like any of the HK Style Cafes.


We like this place and the ambiance. It does seem upscale with the customers mostly very well dressed. The waitresses too were garbed in traditional Chinese costume. The tables and seats were quite plush.

Service was great (more…)

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Golden Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Richmond

This restaurant had been replaced by another new restaurant, updated 18 Oct 2008

This is about the first meal we had in 2008. It is a dim sum breakfast we had with the families of Polly & Vincent and Wai Bing and KC. This dim sum breakfast is actually the continuation of our New year Eve celebration together. The previous day we went to Wai Bing’s house to usher in the new year. We had a simple and great home cooked meal, chatted till past midnight, went home to sleep and then met up again for dim sum the next morning.

Between New Year Eve and New Year Day, gosh, we must have chatted for 14 hours in all (Wai Bing, Polly, you do the math … is that right?). I did not realize we had so much to talk about. Over bottles of Guiness Stouts, We talked about normal stuff … you know, like … what you would do if you win the Super-7 (Wai Bing would buy an entire townhouse complex and give each one of us an unit, hurray!), educating the ladies on benefits of investing on a HDTV for the house, plans for next year … and other normal stuff.

Sorry … I digressed.


The Golden Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is where we went to. Although Suanne and I know of this place, we had never been in these before. It is located on a strip mall on 8360 Granville Ave in Richmond. It is where Rogers is, if you know the neighborhood.

One thing you will undoubtedly find … parking is very limited. I guess this is what happens when a certain business (this restaurant) dominates the business on this small area. Almost all the parking lots are all marked for specific businesses. If you can’t find parking right up front, drive over to the back of the strip mall. There are plenty there.


Golden Dynasty is a one of the larger and busiest dim sum restaurants in Richmond. They are big and can cater to wedding dinners too. The place was absolutely packed when we were there but we had no problem getting a table since Wai Bing had already made the reservation before hand.


I think the popularity of this place is due to its price. Their dim sums are categorized as small, medium or big but they all costs the same, $2.30. The quality is not bad too. There are specials which costs a bit more (see menu above).


I like dim sum restaurants where they cart around the dim sum to your table for selection. It’s good to be able to see what you’re ordering, especially for us who do not read Chinese. We had two or three servings of each dim sum … below.

The Steamed Prawn Rice Rolls was very smooth. Best eaten when steamy hot.


This is some kind of Deep Fried Wonton. (more…)

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Kingford Seafood Restaurant in Richmond

Updated: 25 Nov 2010: This restaurant had been replaced by HML Seafood Restaurant.

Kingford Seafood Restaurant is located on 5890 No.3 Road, Richmond. You cant miss this restaurant as it’s huge glass windows allow one to see through to the chandeliers decorated interiors.


The South Arm Community Kitchen celebrated the end of 2007 session with a Dim Sum lunch at Kingford Seafood Restaurant. We were there around 11:30 am and there was not many customers at that time. I like the ambiance of the restaurant, warmly lighted. This restaurant can accommodate 30 tables.


The dim sum dishes in Kingford Seafood Restaurant are categorized by size, $2.98 for small, $3.98 for medium and $4.68 for large. Special is priced at $5.38. Quite pricey in my opinion.

We ordered quite a lot of dim sum (some in double portions) as we expected more company but some people did not turn up. We ended up with some left over to take away. Here are the dim sums we ordered:


Steamed Prawn Dumplings (medium), springy and delicate …


… Red Bean Paste Pancake (small), a sweet dessert …


… Mixed Mushrooms E-Fu Noodle with Teriyaki Sauce for $10.88 as filler, …


and more desserts to cleanse the palate at the end. The desserts are some red bean custard and some kind of jelly with young shredded coconut in it.

Click on the link to see more Dim Sum.


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Tsim Chai Noodles in Richmond

I never were quite sure how the words like Tsim is pronounced. If this Tsim word is similar to Tsim Sha Tsui (pronounced as Jim Sar Jui), then Tsim Chai Noodles would be pronounced as Jim Chai noodles. Any Cantonese out there who can confirm this?

Arkensen was in a camp at Golden Ears that day we went to Tsim Chai Noodles. So, it was just the three of us (Nanzaro, Suanne and I) who went out for supper. We don’t normally go out for supper but since we had “dinch” (or was it “luncher”) that day, we did not get down to dinner until later at night.

All the years we were in Richmond, we had visited almost every restaurant around that neighborhood around the Richmond Public Market but this is one we had never stepped our foot into before.


Tsim Chai is very much a Cantonese place and I do really think that the owner is from Hong Kong. My impression is that these type of restaurants are the “first wave” of Chinese restaurants … you know, they are opened before 1997 when HK reverted to China rule and lots of Hongkongers came over to Vancouver. Today, most Chinese newcomers came from Mainland China (i.e. Mandarin speakers).

Anyway, since we did not want to eat that much, we decided to just get two dishes of noodles to share between the three of us. I love beef tendon and got a bowl of Beef Tendon and Wonton Noodle in Soup. The soup is quite fragrant and unique in that it came with a bit of dried tangerine peel. This bowl costs $6.25.

IMG_0072 (more…)

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