Continental Seafood Restaurant at Cambie Plaza, Richmond

Lorna invited me to the Success Richmond Women Club Christmas Dinner at the Continental Seafood Restaurant on the 10th December, 2015.


It is also an appreciation night for the committee members who has served for 20, 10 and 6 years.


We were seated in a private room with 6 tables of attendees. There was a draw for table prize where no one will go home empty handed.


A variety of sauces for different dishes.


First course of BBQ duck, cold cut meat, BBQ pork, Bean Curd Wrap and seaweed. (more…)

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Comfort Food at Tsim Chai, Richmond

This post consists of two meals a while ago.


Complimentary soup of pork bones with carrot and green carrot. The complimentary soup is not bad as it is usually cooked for a long time.


Seasonal vegetable (in this case, it’s Chinese broccoli) with beef. The beef were tender.


Seafood and seasonal vegetable with E-Fu noodle. Ginger and green onions go well with seafood.


Spicy Long Bean with Minced Meat is our boys favourite vegetable dish.


A pan-fried fish dish with soy sauce. I can’t recall the exact menu name. It was great except there was not a lot of meat.

IMG_2327 (more…)

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Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver

Lorna invited me to the Praise Dance Night at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. It was a celebration of the formation of the Canada Praise Dance Association.


The celebration started at Montgomery Park around 3:00PM. There were several hundreds of participants in this event. There were representatives from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and various local churches.


Although I do not know the dance exercises but I felt it’s a very good form of exercise. It is fun too to do it in a group. It was privileged to have the founder of the Praise Dance from Taiwan, Ng Mei Yun attending this event. I can’t believe she is 80 years old as she looks so youthful and bouncy in the dance moves.


After the dance, we went down to Chinatown for the dinner. Since there were still time, Lorna and I went for a short walk in Chinatown.


We returned to Floata Seafood Restaurant at 6:00PM. Floata was picked to host the dinner because it can accommodate large group. I heard that this dinner was attended by about 500 people.


The first course was BBQ Cold Meat Combination Platter. I find the flavour of the BBQ goose (or duck) to be a bit too gamey for me.


Next came the Deep Fried Shrimp Ball. It was very chewy and the shrimp was grounded too fine to be recognizable. (more…)

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Dim Sum Lunch at Ningbo Seafood Restaurant

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up to celebrate Marian’s belated birthday. We had lunch at Ningbo Seafood Restaurant. We made the appointment at 1PM. I picked up Lorna early, just past 12PM because I know parking here is difficult and I managed to find a parking on the 2nd floor parking in less than 10 minutes.


Emily and Marian who came on time took 30 minutes to find their parking spots on this weekday lunch.


Always enjoy menu with photos.


We decided to go for the specials of the day except for the pork feet soup.


We had a Celery & Fish Tick Soup instead. (more…)

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Annual Friends of Tai Chi Celebration Dinner

Lorna invited me to the 9th annual dinner of Friends of Tai Chi in the middle of March. Lorna was a Tai Chi student before.


I knew the master Tai Chi, Annie through the multicultural community kitchen in Gilmore Park Church some time ago. There were several Tai Chi demonstrations prior to the dinner.


The celebration was held at the Continental Seafood Restaurant on Cambie Road. From the conversation, I learned that it’s difficult to book a restaurant for function nowadays. One of the popular restaurant for banquet like Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant has closed down the lower floor for a hotpot restaurant.


Here are the dishes for the banquet. First up was the appetizer platter which consists of several items like roast chicken, BBQ duck, pork hock slices, another kind of slice meat and jelly fish. The serving here is generous. (more…)

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The Soup House revisit

Ben had been craving for some good hotpot rice lately. But his plan is always disrupted by our boys who wanted something else.


Finally, Ben had decided to stick to his plan on a Saturday evening. We returned to The Soup House as we remembered the hotpot rice was good here.

Complementary soup of the day and seaweed which comes with the hotpot rice. Nanzaro likes the crunchy seaweed and he had all of them.


Ben also ordered a Pork Stomach Soup which he loves. This has plenty of pork stomach. But I find the soup on the sweet side.


We ordered two hotpot rice to share. The first is Salted Fish Minced Pork. It came with seasonal vegetables which happens to be bok choy. (more…)

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Happy Man Restaurant on Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Ben wanted to get a jacket from Taiga. We went for lunch first before going to Taiga.


We stopped along Victoria Drive to look for a restaurant and we settled with Happy Man Restaurant.


Happy Man Restaurant, like many Chinese restaurant has a whiteboard with daily specials. There are also colour photos of some of their menu items pasted on the walls.


We went for their Combo for 2 which comes with free soup and rice for $24.95. The daily soup was pork bone with carrots and lotus root.

IMG_2639 (more…)

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Fish 2 Ways at Golden Sea City Restaurant, Grandville Avenue, Richmond

Ben wanted something light for brunch on a Saturday. At first he wanted to go to Wing Kee Restaurant but we found out that it’s only open for dinner.


So, we drove around the corner and parked at the strip mall where Golden Sea City Restaurant and Redbud Restaurant is. Ben was interested at the Fish 2 Ways advertised by Golden Sea City Restaurant and we decided to check if this is served at 11:00AM. Apparently they do.


Tea is $2.

There were Mahjong games going on in the restaurant in some private partition area. So, occasionally, we’ll hear the sound of shuffling mahjong.


The first dish for the Fish 2 Ways is stir fry fillet with vegetables like celery, sweet peas, mushroom and chives. The texture of the fish is quite firm. (more…)

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This is how much Ben loves Double East Cuisine.

We kept coming back to Double East Cuisine because Ben simply loves the food here.


This is from a dinner. The above was Special Spareribs for $13.95. The pork ribs was fried to crispy on the outside and the Chinese sausage imparts some sweetness to it. Love this dish.


This is Pork and Perserved Vegetable on Rice Hot Pot. The hot pot is good for 3 to 4 people. It is $20.50. This hot pot has some thinly sliced slightly fatty pork, dried fish and the preserved vegetable in this dish is “mui choy”.


When the hot pot is served, the server first scooped out the toppings onto another plate.


Then she drizzled the sweetish soy sauce and mixed up the rice for us. Good service especially this particular server. She loves to showcase the dishes ordered by other customers to customer who is still browsing the menu and do not know what to order.


Complementary dessert soup served for dinner only in our experience as we do not get them for lunch.



The meal came to $40 with tips and tax.


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The Soup House on Victoria Dr., Vancouver

It’s another weekend that the boy ditched us. They would rather stay home and make their own lunch.


Without the boys, we decided to drive further for lunch. The boys always protest when we tell them we will look for a place to eat outside of Richmond. Ben drove along Victoria Dr. which has a lot of restaurants. We decided to try The Soup House as the weather is getting colder these days.


We were greeted by a huge soup pot at the entrance.


We were there before noon and the place was packed in no time.


We ordered a Herbal Chicken Soup to share. It came in a small clay soup pot. I think it is meant for single serving. It is $5.95. It’s a clear soup with clean tasting. I supposed they used old chicken to make the soup because the meat was really tough. (more…)

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