Double East Cuisine, No. 3 Road, Richmond

We had an early lunch at Double East Cuisine which has replaced the previous tenant, Jubilant.


Since we were there early, parking is not a problem.


The interior looks much better now.


Ben ordered his favourite Rice in Soup with Oyster and Minced Pork. The broth was quite salty from the preserved vegetables. This is $8.25. (more…)

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Lucky Joy BBQ Restaurant on Thorpe Road, Richmond

Ben suggested to go to Lucky Joy Restaurant near King George Park in Richmond. It has been a long while since we dine here. The restaurant looks nicer now.


We ordered from the Special Combination menu; 3 dish combo for $48.80. Ben wanted to add a lobster dish for an extra $10 but the boys protested.


The above fried chicken wing was complementary from the combo dish. They were fried to crispy on the outside and still moist inside. Nanzaro had two pieces because Arkensen does not like anything with bones.


Ben’s pick for our combo; it was a starred item on the list. The above was Chicken Steamed with Lotus Leaf. It was a huge serving. Ben loves the chicken leg pieces which were tender with a hint of herbal scent from the red dates and goji berries. (more…)

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Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant on Sexsmith Road, Richmond

We had lunch at Sing Yee Chinese Restaurant on one of the weekend dining out.


Sing Yee is a typical Chinese restaurant with signs of deals posted on their wall.


Ben picked one of the item posted on the wall which is Stewed Herbal Mutton Vermicelli Soup. This is value for money as it is only $7.95. The bowl is loaded with herbs like red date, longan, goji berries, etc. The mutton is skin on and bone in.


I also ordered an item from the sign on the wall which is BBQ Duck with Rice Spaghetti (Lai Fern). A whole duck leg with plum sauce. (more…)

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$68 Lobster Combo Dinner at Tasty Kitchen on Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben wanted “chow choy” for dinner although the boys only wanted sushi or Vietnamese.

After browsing through, he found a new restaurant on Capstan Way called Tasty Kitchen.


We noticed the offer of lobster combo with 2 dishes for $68 posted on Tasty Kitchen and Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine (next door). We asked the boys which restaurant they would like to pick and Nanzaro picked Tasty Kitchen because he saw the free wifi signage on the door.


We went for the lobster combo with the choice of ginger and green onion stir fry.


We added the “yee mien” option for an additional of $8. It was a big serving. We were surprised that Arkensen seemed to enjoy the lobster because he does not like anything with shell and bones. He seemed to master the art of picking the flesh out from the claw and he loves the big chunk of lobster meat. We are glad that he likes it. (more…)

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Father’s Day Lunch in between World Cup Soccer Matches

Weekend eating out in June 2014 is limited to the time in between soccer matches. How crazy is your household about the FIFA 2014 World Cup?


So, for the Father’s Day lunch, Ben decided to go the nearby Specialty Chicken & Wonton House for a quick meal. Since we were there early, there was no wait and we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. The parking lot at this area is notorious especially in the weekend.

Ben took charge of the order since it’s Father’s day. The first dish was his favourite pea tips with fresh bean curd. which came in a broth. It is always pricey to have pea tips and this one was $18.80.


Our meal came with a free soup of the day which was not necessary because Ben ordered a soup too. The soup of the day is a vegetable soup made with fresh and preserved bok choy.


The second dish that Ben ordered was Honey Garlic Ribs. It was fried crispy and it came piping hot. The only person who did not have this was Arkensen. He shied off food with lots of bones. This is $13.80. (more…)

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Kam Ho Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Lately, Ben either craves for Sichuan or Cantonese food. This time, he picked Cantonese cuisine.


He decided to revisit Kam Ho Restaurant at a quite strip mall where parking should not be a problem.

We opted for a dinner combo with three dishes. Since, Kam Ho specializes in Hainanese Chicken, one of the dish we picked is half of the Hainanese Chicken which is served cold.


Condiments for the Hainanese Chicken includes ginger green onion in oil and sweet chili sauce.


The dinner combo comes with daily soup and rice. (more…)

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Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine at Capstan Way, Richmond

Ben and I drove around Capstan Way looking for a place to have lunch after groceries shopping at Costco.


We found a new restaurant by the name Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine. So, without a doubt we gave it a try.


Canton & Zhejiang Cuisine has taken over the East Fusion Food which was in business not long. The exhaust pipe for hot pot (previous owner before East Fusion Food) are covered up with Chinese decor now.


Upon seated down, we noticed a promotional item on the table; Chicken, rice and soup for $3.95. Of course we would love to try this.


We ordered the Drunken Chicken version which was quite nice except quite bony. (more…)

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Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant on Alexandra Road

Ben, Nanzaro and I went out for lunch on a Sunday afternoon as Arkensen wanted to sleep in during weekends.


We took the opportunity to go to Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant which Arkensen refuses to go to since it took over his favourite Hong Kong style restaurant, Kam Do Bakery and Restaurant.


The restaurant has been nicely renovated but strangely it does not look as big. Perhaps, it’s due to the use of round tables.


I ordered the Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup to share with Ben as I saw many tables have it. It came with 5 golf ball size shrimp wontons. (more…)

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Winter Combo at Hing Fung Restaurant

It was a storming winter Saturday evening. We went out for dinner looking for something heart warming.


We recalled seeing a poster of a winter combo at Hing Hung Restaurant and East Fusion Food on Capstan Way.  We were surprised that East Fusion Food was closed (for renovation ??). So, we settled for Hing Fung Restaurant.

The winter combo is a three dish combo. One of the item in the combo is the above Snake Soup. It is a thick soup with bamboo shoot, cloud ear and shiitake mushroom besides some slivered meat.


We are not sure how snake meat looks like. Is snake meat a white meat or dark meat?  The meat above was a bit tough. Anyway, there was not much of meat in the soup. We found that the soup was quite bland and there was quite a bit of leftover since it was a big bowl.


The main course of the winter combo is the Lamb Hot Pot. It came on a burner to keep it hot. (more…)

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