[CRA 2010 Signature Dish] Braised Lobster and Taro Noodle Hotpot 龍蝦芋絲煲 and Baked Live Pink Scallops 葡汁焗游水帶子 from Ken’s Chinese Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

It took us TWO trips before we got to try the CRA award winning dishes from Ken’s Chinese Restaurant.

We thought we got our bases covered. Since it was a long drive from Richmond to Ken’s and there are THREE award winning dishes we wanted to try, we called ahead for reservation and asked if they serve the specific THREE dishes we were looking for.

Reservation, check.

The THREE dishes?

“Yeah, yeah, we have it”, they said over the phone.

So we made the long drive there with the boys complaining over and over again why we had to drive all the way across the bridge for “something to blog about”. LOL! When we arrived at the restaurant, the table was reserved for us. We did not even look at the menu and this time we even brought along the Chinese language list so that there is no misunderstanding of what we wanted.

You know what is the problem with many Chinese restaurants? They are so impatient with your questions over the phone that they will just say what you want to hear without checking. Well … it was when we were already served tea and all that they said they ran out of Pink Scallop!

We were NOT going to eat if they only had two of three dishes. I complained to the captain that I called ahead already and was told that they have it and that we came all the way from Richmond. Unhappy was I was, I must say that the captain handled the situation pretty well. He told me that if I come again he will guarantee that the pink scallops will be available, even if we want to come back a few hours.

We said we rather come back the next day, same time.


So we went back on Sunday. And true enough, this time the captain was expecting us. LOL! The first thing he said to us was “the scallop came in at 2PM yesterday” and that he made sure he reserve four for us as promised.

That wasn’t so hard, isn’t it? I always have respect for people like that who immediately fixes things that went wrong — and not be defensive. Things will go wrong once in a while but it is the manner one goes about fixing mistakes that makes the difference.

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant calls themselves a Hong Kong Style Cafe. I felt that they deserve a better description than that because this is one restaurant that had consistently won awards after awards with dishes that are not typical of HK Style Cafes.

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant is located on Kingsway in Vancouver, somewhere between Knight and Fraser.


Oh I did mention that Ken’s won three CRA awards. They won:

  • Winner in the Crab category in 2009
  • Gold in the Clams, Oyster and Scallop category in 2010
  • Silver in the Crab and Lobster category in 2010


Above are some of the pages of their menu. It was a lot of pages and so I just took pages of their set, combo and specialty sections.

Chinese Restaurant Award 2010 ♦ SILVER in the CRAB AND LOBSTER Category ♦ Braised Lobster and Taro Noodle Hotpot 龍蝦芋絲煲
Chinese Restaurant Award 2010 ♦ SILVER in the CRAB AND LOBSTER Category ♦ Braised Lobster and Taro Noodle Hotpot 龍蝦芋絲煲

When I saw the word lobster on the name of this dish, I was expecting the worst. It wasn’t so bad and it did not burn a hole in the pocket. The Braised Lobster and Taro Noodle Hotpot costs … (more…)

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Cafe Gloucester on Cambie and West 17th, Vancouver

I would have thought that a lot of people who have known of this old time HK Style Cafe. I heard of them before I even first used the words HK Style Cafe on chowtimes.

But it was only recently that we went.


Quick. Show of hands those who had never been to Cafe Gloucester before?

BTW. What do you think is the proper way to pronounce the name of Cafe Gloucester? Is it “Glos-ter” or “Glow-chest-ter”?

Located on Cambie, Cafe Gloucester was one of the businesses that had survived the carnage during the Canada Line construction. A restaurant like this will definitely survive because they are very popular particularly with the Chinese community. This is because their prices are cheap, service is fast and food are not bad.

I remember reading that the Copa Cafe located a few blocks down Cambie, is an off shoot of Cafe Gloucester — like a rouge off shoot. Is that right?


Cafe Gloucester can brag that they had won the award for being the Best HKSC. I am not sure which year though but maybe last year.

You know, of all the restaurant awards, I follow the Chinese Restaurant Awards closely. The coveted Critics Awards for 2010 will be announced on April 7th and you can bet that who ever wins these awards will receive instant recognition. He he he … to think that I had dinner with some of the critics at S&W Pepper House just recently.


We were there for lunch. The dining area is large and yet they are able to fill the restaurant in most times of the day. Cafe Gloucester is one of the few HK Style Cafe where service to us is polite. The workers are even well dressed with matching uniforms. It’s a sign to us that they care about good service rather than dishing out cheap food and be done with that.



Their menu is lovely. There are enticing pictures spread over eight pages with some very good selection on each section.

This is the type of menu that we take a long time reading because it is hard to decide what we want. We needed a more sophisticated way to keep track of our shortlisted dishes than keeping a finger at the relevant pages. We actually have to list it down on paper and then do our elimination from there.


I went with the Laksa Chicken Vermicelli Soup ($8). This is just so that I can contrast this with Bo’s Laksa that I had recently where I can see why his is so good compared to those you find around town.

Nope. The laksa in Cafe Gloucester is too watery and it is only a little spicy. So yeah, it was hard to finish this because it’s not as I expected. It is not that it is inedible mind you. In the most part, it is decent.


But the chicken meat are boned in and quite meaty and well done. That kind of save this bowl of noodles.

Normally I would finish the laksa soup down to the very last drop. Here I just had the chicken and the vermicelli. They need to make the laksa thicker.


Nanzaro took the longest to decide what to order. Strange considering that he still end up with fried rice.

The reason was he tried to be fancy and wanted something better than everyone else. He took so long and the waiter was waiting for his order that he felt pressured. So he had the Gloucester House Special Fried Rice ($7).

The fried rice was … (more…)

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Excelsior Restaurant on No 3 Road, Richmond

Updated: 18th Nov 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Excelsior had always been there for as long as I remember. Or at least I think it had always been there for a long time. I don’t really know.

For some reason we had not gone to the Brighouse Square strip mall for anything other than the rare trip to Staples or pickup some pastries from the New Town Bakery.


I could be wrong but I assumed that Excelsior is a long timer in Richmond. It opened in the days when there were more HK immigrants.

What I find strange is that there is only ONE review on Excelsior (by Yum-O-Rama) and nothing on Dinehere.ca, Urbanspoon or Yelp. And yet when we stand in front of the door, we see impressive age-faded newspaper reviews showing high-end food. Those must have came from their glory days.

The place was absolutely full. It was so unexpected. The first thing they asked is if we had a reservation. When we said no, they hesitated for a moment and then showed us to the crappiest three-seater table by the corridor which connects two separate dining areas.

We were not unhappy about it really. Just glad that they gave us a table. Boy, was this restaurant popular!

A lot of their customers are families. Many of them are multi-generation families out for a family dinner.


Excelsior is decidedly Cantonese. I just can’t classify them properly. The decor, tables, chairs and even the bowls shows their age and had seen better days. At a glance, they are like any HK Style Cafe. But they don’t serve the normal HK Style Cafe fare.

Their menu was exciting. At least to us it was. There were so many new things that we had a hard time deciding. Looking at the variety on menu, Suanne said that it looks like we are going to come here several more times. The prices are on the higher side compared but quite affordable.

We discarded the main menu and focused on the two that says “Chef Recommendations” and “Special Stylish Dishes”. That is their more popular dishes. We took an awfully long time to decide what we wanted. We shortlisted EIGHT dishes but forced to narrow it down to three since it was just three of us at this dinner.

Service was OK. It was fast … rushed and somewhat impatient. After all, it is a HK restaurant. What do you expect. At least they were not rude. They are not really good with English for sure. We ordered with the English names and they had to cross check it with the Chinese name at the back of the menu.


They came by with free soup. I am not sure how it works and if everyone gets this regardless of what is ordered. I see every table getting this.

It was a nice touch. Not many restaurants does this anymore. The soup was flavourful. It even had boney pork pieces in it.


Most tables ordered this. We figured this must be their specialty.

This is called Steamed Chicken with Soy Sauce. We had the smaller portioned half-chicken ($13). The whole chicken is $24.

It was simply the best we had ever tried. Bar none. Such simplicity … such simplicity that they don’t even care to … (more…)

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Ho Yuen Restaurant on Hazelbridge Way and Capstan Way, Richmond

Updated: 4th July 2012: This restaurant had closed.

Let me share with you an invaluable a tip.

This is particularly for those of you who are not conversant in Cantonese.

I remember a discussion on chowtimes on why non-Chinese customers felt that they do not get equal treatment in Chinese restaurants, particularly HK Style Cafes. I think it is more because of the waitresses inability to communicate effectively in English as the root cause more than anything else.

Here is the tip. You just need to learn two simple phrases. The two phrases are “Lang Jai” and “Lang Looi”. If you need anything, just say “Lang Jai” and pause for a second before you ask. This is only valid if the waiter is a he. To a waitress, just say “Lang Looi”.

It works all the time. Trust me. It even works in any settings — you can even use it on your Cantonese colleagues and they will do anything you ask of them.

Try it the next time you go to a HK Style Cafe and I am very sure you will be very pleased with the response. Just remember you learn this on chowtimes.com.

Let me repeat … “Lang Jai” for the he-server and “Lang Looi” for the she-server.


Last weekend Suanne suggested we go check out that restaurant in the Union Square on Capstan Way. She can’t remember the name of the restaurant but just that one that has the big portraits of the owners on the window.

I don’t know if there is a story behind the portraits or if they are famous or something. We can’t help but feel that doing this will just open themselves to ridicule. But then on the flip side, this makes the restaurant easy to remember. When Suanne said the restaurant with the husband and wife portrait, I immediately know which one she is saying.


The restaurant is called Ho Yuen. I think they had just changed ownership or something. The name remained the same.

The restaurant is large and takes up two shop lots. There is a sign that this place can take a maximum of 96 customers.


The interior is very typical HK Style Cafe with no frills decor. To lend to that Hongkong’ish feel, they have black and white photos of the famous urban areas in HK.

It appears Ho Yuen is popular. It was already half full of customers even though we were there before peak dinner time.


Service was very fast. They set us up with drinks and menu instantly. We did not have to use the “Lang Jai” / “Lang Looi” technique.

Like in all HK Style Cafes, they have a large selection which came in several menus — with a variety of combinations. Everyone in our family like this because there is always something that each of us will like.


Like in all HK Style Cafe, there is the Iced Milk Tea which normally comes along free with the combo. Ho Yuen uses exactly the same type of mug that Kingspark uses (we hate Kingspark because they not only have bad service, it is also rude!).

You know, I find that more and more HKSC is charging these beverages. It used to be free but they now charge $1 if you want it with ice. That part I don’t understand because it is not like you get more tea/coffee if you just add ice cubes in it.


I ordered from their Make Your Own Favourite Combo. With this you could pick two main items for $8.75 or three items for a dollar more. The three items is the better deal and so I got that.

My three choices were the steak, short ribs and deep fried chicken wings. I went with spaghetti over the other choices of rice or fries.


The meat were really greasy but I must say that they are not bad. That is sort of saying it is not great but certainly more than edible.

The short rib tasted good but I find it a bit too tough. I am not complaining because after all this is … (more…)

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Copa Cafe on Cambie and W 23rd, Vancouver

Before you read the rest of this post, just sing along to the lyrics below.

Her name was Suanne, she was a housewife
With yellow apron on her hips and a dress cut down to there
She make d’meringue and make bo-bo-cha
And while she tried to be a star, Ben always want to eat out
Across a crowded blog, they worked from 7 till 10
They were young and they had each other
Who could ask for more?

At the Copa, Copacabana
The hottest spot north of Havana
At the Copa, Copacabana
Milk Tea and Fried Rice were always the fashion
At the Copa … they fell in love


So we went to the Copa Cafe, finally. You all probably know that our boys like Hongkong Style Cafes (HKSC for short, shall we?). That is because they know HKSC always have salted fish and chicken fried rice.

For Suanne and I, we wanted to check out the Prawn and Avocado Croissant that iPanda wrote about. Moreover, we did not even mind the long drive because we wanted to check for ourselves how good Copa is. You see, they had just won the 2009 Chinese Restaurant Award under the Diners’ Choice category of 2009 Best Hongkong Style Cafe.

Copa Cafe is located on Cambie by West 23rd. It is just a few doors away from Corner 23, a Taiwanese eatery.


Unlike many older CCT, Copa is visibly cleaner and bright colors. I don’t know but I think they are new, maybe been in operation only the past year or so.

Having thought that this is a new school HKSC, we would have thought the service will be a refreshing change. But no. The service is aloof and fast … or should I say rushed. I guess they pride themselves as being efficient. After all, Copa is a really busy restaurant.

Moment after we sat down, the menu and the drinks landed on the table.


We were taking our own sweet time pouring over the menus. Yeah, like most HKSC, they have several menus.

But the serious-faced waitress kept coming over with the pen poking the notepad asking us what we wanted to eat when we were still reading the menu. Maybe many of their customers are regulars and already know what they wanted. For us, we need time. You see, there is always a negotiation process we had to go through with the boys who always wanted the same time. Suanne and I kept telling them they cannot have the same fried rice. And they will keep asking why not. And we always say that we are bloggers and we must have different things. We go through this all the time and Copa need to understand that we need time to resolve this amicably.

The waitresses and waiters are well dressed and well groomed. So this is a difference compared with many HKSC.

We like the menu, as bewildering as it seems. They have lots of combos to choose from. What we like especially is that they have both expensive and cheap items. You could find $6 pork chop up to combos that is $13.


The drinks above came with the food we ordered. I notice we all always ordered the same thing. Suanne will always go for the hot milk tea. Arkensen will stick with the simple and predictable cold milk tea. Nanzaro will opt for something different from everyone, lemon tea. The boys almost always never finish their drinks. Suanne almost always will end up drinking all of them because she hate it to be wasted.


This is it … the Prawn and Avocado Croissant that Suanne read about and wanted so much to try. This is $7 and came with a side of mayo-drenched salad of fruits. In that salad there are potatoes, melon, cantaloupe and pineapple. If only their hands is a bit lighter with the mayo, it would have been a perfect feel-good meal.

The croissant is toasted and is unbelievably … (more…)

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Ming Tak Hongkong Style Restaurant on Granville and West 67th Ave, Vancouver

If you yearn for your comfort food, what type of restaurant do you normally head to?

For us it has to be Hong Kong Style Cafes. With large menus, free beverage and cheap prices, these restaurants do not require much planning.

I know that each time I suggest going to a Hong Kong Style Cafe, both Arkensen and Nanzaro would agree instantly. I know what goes on in their mind. To them, Hong Kong Style Cafes means that they have Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice. They can eat this fried rice everyday but Suanne just refuses to stir fry salted fish at home.

A couple of weeks ago, Marvin facebooked me out of the blue. I used to work with him when I was in Best Buy. Although I thought we had already went on our own way when we both left Best Buy, it was a pleasant surprise to learn from him that he had been reading chowtimes faithfully and silently the past few years. Chowtimes get 5000-6000 pageviews everyday and we often wonder who all our readers are. For every reader who comments or emails us, there are at least dozens who are just contended lurking on the site. Seriously, Suanne and I love to interact with and learn from our readers as we got a lot of great tips.

One of the things Marvin wrote about is comfort food and that his favourite is Ming Tak which is located on Granville and 67th in Vancouver. I must have driven past this restaurant hundreds of times already and yet I am not aware of this place.


Ming Tak is a small family run Hong Kong Style Cafe. It is just OK kind of clean but does look very cluttered. The picture above says it all. Obviously neatness and organizing is not one of Ming Tak’s strength and that is not good.

But besides that, service was genuine, polite, patient and soft-spoken.


Like the rest of the restaurant, the menu was rather disorganized too. While we had the normal printed menu, we quickly put it down and tried to figure out the ones that had been haphazardly pasted on the wall. Some of them are computer printed with lamination while some are just hand written on a piece of coloured paper. The unfortunate thing is that they are all in Chinese although some with pictures do help.


As in all HK Style Cafes, most of the dishes came with a beverage. However, Ming Tak beats all others in size by far. Needless to say, our boys were very happy to see drinks this size. They tasted good too. We had thought that they might water the Iced Milk Tea down but nope, they are good.


Just as Marvin told us, his favourite dish here is the hot pot, particularly the Sea Cucumber and Chicken with Vermicelli Hot Pot. A lot of their customers were eating hot pot too as we noticed. So I ordered that — it is $10.

The hot pot is a large serving and could easily be shared between two people.

It is a Chinese herbal soup with … (more…)

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Sensus Bistro on Capstan Way, Richmond

Updated: 24th Nov 2014; This restaurant is closed.

We had passed by Sensus Bistro many times before.

But the thing is that we had never had the urge to go in and check it out … until now. You know what I think? I think it is because they have dark windows throughout the frontage that firstly you cannot see what’s in it. For us, we were a bit hesitant too because we were not sure what this place is. With a name like Sensus, who knows it’s like a bar or something which we do not normally go.


Sensus Bistro is located in Union Square on Capstan Way in Richmond. This is the place where Liu’s Taiwanese, Han Ju Hot Pot, Pho Queen and Richmond Sushi is, to name a few.


When we walk past this time on the way to @Ease, we notice the poster above pasted on the entrance. It looks like it is a Hongkong Style Cafe in the likes of Bauhinia … an upscale, more expensive type of HK Style Cafe. We thought this would be a much better idea than @Ease and decided to lunch here instead.


Don’t be misled by the empty looking restaurant above. We were there early for lunch as we normally do (i.e. it was just after 11AM). So they had just opened and the lunch crowd had not started trickling in. By noon, the place was packed. Sensus is obviously a popular restaurant and we had not heard of anyone talking about them before.

The decor is modern … OK, relative to all other HK Style Cafes. It is clean and well maintained. We had a good feeling about this place. If we had not pushed opened the door and walked in, we will have never discovered this place. If you ask me, the dark windows should go.

They have a relatively large menu with the same kind of offerings you find in Bauhinia. It is in color and have selected dishes pictured on it too. I had taken a few pictures of their menu and put them way down this post. Check that out.


On the table was this thingy above showing their special. I already know what I wanted. I had always wanted to try this (at Bauhinia). It is expensive though … $18 but on Thursday it is a special of the day at $14.


It sure is a mouthwatering chunk of meat isn’t it?


I ordered this with spaghetti on the side. The spaghetti is very well made … not too soft and firm to the bite.


While it is really nicely deep fried and crispy on the outside and the meat is tender and juicy inside, the pinkishness of the meat really puts me off. As for the taste … (more…)

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Celsius Cafe on No 3 Road, Richmond

Updated 16th Jan 2011: This restaurant had been closed.

When I was in my teens, I was quite a big eater.  I eat the whole day round.  And once in a while, I would rouse my late father up in the middle of the night to ask him to take me out for supper.  Middle of the night as in 2AM!  My dad would always take me out for late night suppers, without fail.

For the first time, Nanzaro pestered me to take him out for supper.  At least it was not 2AM in the morning because there is no way I would take him out.  Still it was late at 10:30 PM and well past his bedtime.  It’s the summer break anyway, so we allowed the boys to sleep late.


The Celsius Cafe is located on No 3 Road in the quiet strip mall between Leslie and Alexandra.  Actually, Celsius used to be the Montreal Roosters Quarters.


Celsius opens till really late at night.  On weekends, it closes at 1AM.  Even on weekdays, it opens until midnight.  So, if you are looking for a late night meal in Richmond, here is one for you.

Celsius must have opened not too long ago, maybe about a month or two only.  The place was really busy even at 10:30PM.  It was dim and what I did not like was that it was also noisy … very noisy.  There is a table behind us that was totally drunk and talking so loud at each other, it was like they were in an argument.  That gave us a less than positive first impression that this is more a bar than a cafe.  Maybe it was just our luck that we had to sit next to some drunks that night and it’s not indicative of how it is usually.

So we got seated … they gave us the menu … and we waited, and waited for the drinks.  I mean, usually in a place like this they would serve water or chinese tea.  But they did not.


So, I asked our waitress … “can we have a glass of water, please?”.

Guess what … she literally brought us a glass of water, just ONE, for me.  Suanne, Nanzaro and I looked at each other just surprised.  Moreover the glass is such a small glass.  We do find our waitress distracted and was not thinking straight.  Maybe she was having a hard time dealing with the next table … I think so.


The front page of their menu has the “Noodles Combo Mix and Match”.  It has to be their specialty.  Here you get to choose the combination of noodles, soup base, and two choices of toppings for just $8.  It is always fun to make up your own noodles.  Although the menu stated that this is only available up to 10PM, they still took our orders.


Since this late night supper is mainly for Nanzaro, he gets to pick the Combo.  I must say he chose a good combination.  He selected:

  • Spicy Hot Soup
  • Mixed Seafood
  • Cuttle Fish Ball, and
  • Udon

The bowl of mixed seafood included mussels, prawns, and squid and topped with sesame seeds.  Oh gosh … this was super … (more…)

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Lido Restaurant in Richmond, Revisited

This is going to be a quickie post.  Am posting this since we got pictures taken and did not want it to go to “waste”.

We had been to Lido numerous times ever since we first discovered this place almost two years ago.  As a matter of fact, this is our favourite restaurant if we do not need to go eat at a new place for this blog.


We like Lido because it is cheap and serves good food too.  So, the day after we returned from our Spain vacation, we went to Lido for good old comfort food.


Lido is always busy.  There is always a line during peak dining hours.  You gotta leave your name with the waiters who doesn’t even issue you a number.  So, you gotta have your ears peeled in case they call you.


Lido’s specialty is their Pineapple Bun (known as Bolo Bau in Cantonese).  If you have never tried this before you must order this.  This is so popular that you gotta order this when you leave your name for a table.  This is because they are almost always taken the moment they take it out of the oven — serious, I am not kidding.

And the Bolo Bau is best eaten hot out of the oven.  I dare to swear that they have the best Bolo Bau in Metro Vancouver … and maybe even the best outside of Hongkong too.

Lido is a Hongkong Style Cafe and that means … (more…)

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Bauhinia Restaurant on Granville Ave and St Albans, Richmond

Updated: 11th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Everyone in the whole family loves HK Style Cafes.  We thought that we had been to all of the HK Style Cafes but there is one that was completely not on our radar.  We only found out about this reading Wendy’s post on Eat N About.


We had passed by Bauhinia many times before.  We thought that it was just a fancy and expensive Chinese restaurant never thinking that could have been a HK Style cafe.  You see, HK Style Cafes are not supposed to be this nice looking.

Bauhinia is located on Granville and St Albans.  Parking in front of the strip mall while plentiful, is always a challenge because there are two very popular restaurants located in the same row.  Many people may not realize that there are parking too around the back of this strip mall which you access from St Albans.


Bauhinia is certainly more cleaner and organized than most other HK Style Cafes.  They are upscale HK Style Cafe as evidenced by their pricier menu.  There are a lot of items with the words steak and lobsters in it.

Even the customers here dress up better than you see in places like Lido and Kam Do (where it is not uncommon to see customers with uncombed hair).

Service was polite and very Cantonese.  We spoke in English and while the waitress understands English perfectly, she spoke mostly in Cantonese.

It was Father’s Day when we visited here … it was MY day and the boys said that the lunch is on them!


Like all HK Style Cafe, there is the common Milk Tea.  Maybe it is my perception that this place is more upscale, I swear that Bauhinia’s Milk Tea is richer and stronger than other similar places.  Hot Milk Tea comes together with the meals we ordered but it costs $1 extra for cold ones.

I never quite figure out why it would cost $1 for cold milk tea.  I mean, it is just adding ice cubes to the glass and the volume of milk tea in the glass is just a little more, if not the same, with the cup.


Suanne ordered the Seasoned Prawns with Curry Rice.  The dish alone is $15 but we ordered the Combo version ($18) which included soup, dessert and a beverage.

The presentation of the dish is very nice with a pleasing balance of color.  The center piece of the dish has to be the 8 big prawns arranged around the plate.  The prawns were flavorfully seasoned with curry powder and tasted fresh and springy.

The yellowish curry powder flavoured rice is additionally flavoured with (more…)

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