Lido Restaurant in Richmond

We found a gem of a place during the Christmas holidays last year. Nanzaro and Arkensen had to do Tag Day duties at the mall at 9:00AM in the morning. Normally, we would eat out for lunch or dinner but since the boys will not be done until after 1:00PM, we decided to go out for breakfast for a change.

We did not want to go to Kam Do or the #9 Restaurant. So we drove around for a bit and came upon the small strip mall between the Aberdeen Mall and Parker Place along Hazelbridge Way.


The Lido Restaurant is a HK-Style Restaurant. Unless you already know this place, chances are that you will likely drive past without really realizing it’s there. Since we first went to Lido, we had been returning to this restaurant a couple of times already. We like it that much.


The first time we were there, there were hardly any people since it was about 7:30AM in the morning. But on other days, the place was absolutely packed with people having to wait outside the door for a table. The turn around time for a table was fast though.

In these place, you really need to be more assertive and don’t wait for them to ask you. You really got to leave your name with them and make sure they hear you correct or you will be in for a long. long wait.

Forget about ambiance, it is the food that matters here. Menus were pasted all over the place. Those were the specials — too bad Suanne and I can’t read them. Oh, we don’t even bother asking them about it because they are so busy, they really don’t have the patience for a chat. That’s service for you in such Chinese restaurants. Once you can look past that, you’ll be alright.

Being a HK-Style Cafe, Lido serves Cantonese food … like the one below.


They have some of the best rice noodle roll (chee cheong fun) that we had ever tried. Though I could not see them making it in the kitchen, I really think they make it on site. (more…)

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Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant in Richmond

Back in early July this year, we blogged about a place called Golden Award Cafe Restaurant. Just a week after we blogged about the place, guess what … the place closed down! We did a good review of that place and I guess it was good enough to have led a reader of chowtimes to check it out. “Fresh_one” was the one who alerted us to this.

A couple of months or so ago, we passed by this place again and there’s a new restaurant in it’s place now. It was Golden Award and now it became Silver Tower!


The interior is much cleaner than the last time we were here. However, it is also much darker. The lightings are dimmer and all the furnishings are in black. The high partitions too gives everyone better privacy. Not sure if I like that or not.


We decided to order from the “Chinese Dishes” menu. As you can see, the dishes are generally $7.95 which to me is really good prices. Each dish came with a choice of soup and steamed rice.


The soup is rather decent if you ask me. At least there are some chunks of meat in it, not just bones.


We decided to order 3 dishes. Up until early this year, we could order 2 types of dishes and that would have been enough for the four of us. Of late, Nanzaro and especially Arkensen had developed much bigger appetite … they’re at that growing age. I remember I ate like a pig when I was their age that my mum was worried for me.

Well, we have always try to eat within our weekly dine out budget but just a few months ago, we have to bump up our budget by $10 a meal. At this rate they are going, we’ll have to pay for four full meals each time we dine out. Sigh … we used to get by with only $18 for the four of us!!

The first dish we chose was the Szechuan Spicy Green Beans. This is awesome. We love the crunchiness of the fresh green beans.

IMG_9569 (more…)

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Teahut Garden Cafe in Richmond

Updated on 12 April 2010: This restaurant has closed according to Urbanspoon.

This is another place that we had been to so long ago that I had no idea exactly how long ago it was. However, it know it is a weekend lunchtime. We had problems finding parking space along Alexandra Rd and the only reason we stopped by the Vanezia Place is because there were lots of parking.

We stumbled upon this place quite by accident. If not for the fact we drove upstairs to park, we would never have thought there is a small eatery there. It’s so small that it just had 8 small tables but with windows all round with a second floor view, this place must have been the only restaurant along Alexandra with that has a view. But what really drew us in is the prices of on their menu which was posted outside.

Dishes ranges from $5 to $7 while 10oz steaks range from $10 to $12. I think they have the cheapest food in all of Alexandra Rd.


It’s a Hongkong Style Cafe … all meals came with a choice of hot or cold beverages. If you opt for pop, there will be additional $1 charge. Strange. I thought that pops are dirt cheap and yet they charge extra *shrugs*. No problems for us because we simply love milk tea and the family does not fancy pops.


I ordered the Szechuan Seafood Udon in Spicy Soup which cost only $5.95. For that price, I am impressed that it came with a generous serving of mushroom, onion, green peppers, artificial crab meat, prawns, fish and squid. Despite the “spicy” name, it only had a teeny weeny hint of spiciness.

_MG_5520_edited-1 (more…)

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E-Canteen in Richmond

Updated: 26th Feb 2011: This restaurant has closed and replaced by Enjoy Cafe 1+1.

We’ve been to this place … oh … three months ago and had not gotten down to blog about it. I am going to just take these old blog entries and clear them out of the way the next few days.

I don’t know about you but the name e-Canteen just have no class to it. Before we first visited this place, we had always known about them but never going in … well, because we could not make out what this place is like since they are located on the second floor. Not until someone (honey, was it Polly who told us?) said it was a Hongkong-Style Cafe that we went to check it out.

This is located in 8171 Westminster Highway in Richmond.


Seems like in a past like this place had been a karaoke joint or something like that. There are individual rooms around the side and there’s a bar counter, which they do not use to serve drinks.


Like other HK-Style Cafes, you order a main dish and that comes with some extras. Here, the extras are soup and rice in bowl. We had cream soup which was surprising very good.


We also chose Vegetable Tomato Soup (known as Loh Sung Tong in Cantonese).

_MG_5987_edited-1 (more…)

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Golden Award Cafe & Restaurant in Richmond

Please note that the Golden Award Cafe had already been closed. In it’s place is now the Silver Tower Cafe.

There are dozens of Asian restaurants along Alexandra Road in Richmond. We had barely tried 10% of them. For sure, we hated the uncertainty of going into restaurants that had chandeliers on high ceilings or rows of Mercedes and Audis parked outside. Then there are those that had not a single English word visible from the outside — you see, we are illiterate.

But we found one that is more like our kind of restaurant. Well, to us it’s a HK-Style restaurant, well, because of the ubiquitous iced milk tea … but with a slight twist. The Golden Award Cafe and Restaurant is located in the Connaught Plaza on Alexandra and Kwatlen.


Although they have the HK style menu where you pay a price for an entree which comes together with a drink, we like their “combo” menu. For a fixed price, you get to select a number of dishes (for the Cantonese, it’s like “chow choy” style … know what I mean?). We ordered the 2 dish combo which comes with two selection, soup and rice (no drinks included here). The kicker is that it costs only $13.99!! That is enough to feed the three of us.

The soup was not great but is flavourful. Well, what can one expect from free soup.


The first dish we selected was the Pork Chop in Honey and Rock Salt. This one is awesome — the sweet sticky gravy is a bit spicy. I don’t know why they name this “rock salt” because it is not even a bit salty at all. The dish is large and we had a tough time finishing this off between the three of us. You should try this one, you will like it I’m sure.

_MG_5849_edited-1 (more…)

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Hollywood Steak House in Richmond

Polly recommended this place to us. The Hollywood Steak House located on Leslie Road (just behind Wendy’s on No 3 Rd) is basically a HK Style Cafe despite the name. We would not have found this place on our own perhaps because the signs in the restaurant front is almost all in Chinese and it’s located out of the way from the busy No 3 Rd.


So, what defines a HK Style Cafe? Why … it’s the Milk Tea! They came with every dish we ordered.


Suanne ordered a Personalised Combo which allows a selection of two dishes from a menu of perhaps 15. The Combo also comes with a soup, garlic toast and spaghetti. All these for only $9.95. Here is what she had:

The Corn Cream Soup is very creamy and very rich of corn flavour. It has chunks of artificial crab meat in it. It looked nice and tastes great.

IMG_0278_edited-1 (more…)

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Kamloops Trip: Kam Do Restaurant and Bakery – Breakfast

We made an overnight trip to Kamloops last month to see the Salmon Run. We wanted to start as early as possible so that we can be in Kamloops in early afternoon.

There were limited places available for breakfast at that early hour. I think it was about seven in the morning. The morning was uncharacteristically foggy in Richmond. Kind of eerie driving down No 3 Rd, I must say.


OK, of late we have been crazy over HK style cafes because of the delicious and plentiful food for under $10. Nanzaro and Arkensen, for some reason, dislikes HK style cafes, in particular Kam Do which Suanne and I loves. Anyway, it was my choice this week — we went to Kam Do for breakfast since we had never tried their breakfast menu.

We had blogged about Kam Do twice (here and here) before.

The table setting is downright simple and efficient. The cutlery came in a basket and left for us to set it up.


I ordered from the Big Bowl Breakfast menu ($6.85). On hindsight I should not have ordered this as this is too much food for me. It came with a bowl of spaghetti and BBQ pork in clear soup.

Nanzaro ordered from the Good Morning Breakfast Special menu ($5.25). He selected the …Rice Noodles and Pork Meat in Soup as the main dish.

_MG_8858_edited-1 (more…)

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Alleluia Cafe in Richmond

We dined out at Alleluia Cafe in Richmond a few weeks ago. This was from a recommendation from Polly who told us how they enjoyed discounts at the cafe because the owner of this place worships in the same church. We did not know where it was until Ben came across the small-ish sign along Westminster Hwy (northside between No 3 Rd and Buswell St).


Alleluia Cafe is a another HongKong style cafe which we have recently loved to dine in. The cafe was very busy and we had to wait for 10 minutes before we got a table. Unlike a the other HK-style cafes, the decor in this place is much more contemporary and nicer.

_MG_9375_edited-1 (more…)

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Kam Do Restaurant (2nd Visit)

Updated: 23rd Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed.

It was a tough choice deciding where to eat out last weekend. While we wanted to find a new place to blog about but we all so wanted to make a repeat visit to the Kam Do Restaurant. We blogged about Kam Do about a month ago.

It was a bit more crowded this time. We had to wait for 15 minutes for a table. It seems like the wait was because we arrived just at about 11:30 am where they changed their breakfast menu to the lunch menu.

We ordered three separate dishes to share among the four of us. Suanne ordered the “Kam Do Premium Set Menu”. The Premium Set Menu costs $9.98 and for that she gets the following:

  • A garlic toast (we opted for the soft bun)
  • Chef’s Special Soup, which is a tomato/vegetable soup
  • A choice of two sides (we chose the smoked salmon and cod fillet cutlet)
  • A main dish (we chose the Baked Portoguese Clam and Crab Meat with Spaghetti)
  • Milk Tea


The soup Chef’s Special Soup was just right. We prefer soup to be watery, not thick. The bowl was large and frankly, the soup itself is enough for me for a meal.


The bun served was the chinese style bun which is much more soft, fluffy and airy. It is sweet and goes very well with the Margarine.


We like the cod fillet cutlet which is prepared japanese style. The red stuff above is the … (more…)

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