No. 9 Restaurant and Lansdowne Carnival

During a spring break weekend, Ben wanted to have Hong Kong style dinner. Where else is more prominent than No.9 Restaurant in Lansdowne Mall.


Ben ordered half a BBQ duck specifically for me as I love BBQ duck. I had both the drumsticks as Ben insisted.


We also shared a House Special Chow Mien. The boys like the crispy noodle. There were plenty of seafood and BBQ pork.


Fried Rice will not go wrong with our family as it’s our boys favourite. (more…)

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Firebird Cafe at Continental Plaza, Richmond

Ben, Nanzaro and I went out for dinner on a Saturday night. This time, Arkensen stayed home as he wanted to finished his homework.


We went to Firebird Cafe in Continental Plaza. It was relatively new when we visited in March. The restaurant was full but we only had to wait for a few minutes for a table.


Freebird Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant with customizable Fish Soup Noodles, Steamed Rice and Sizzling Grill. You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.


Ben and I shared two items. The first dish was a customizable noodle soup. We had Malay Laksa Soup with pork skin and fish tofu. The ramen noodle has an extra charge of 50cents. Besides the two toppings we picked, it also came with cabbage, bean curd, mushroom, green onion and cilantro. It was a big serving as I’m already full after having half of the bowl. (more…)

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Boston Restaurant on Victoria Dr., Vancouver

Ben and I went to Vancouver for our morning walk. We parked along Victoria Dr. and walked along it to look for a place for breakfast.


We came across the above Boston Restaurant which was opened early. We were there just after 8:00AM. This is a Hong Kong style restaurant.


The restaurant is nice, with nice lighting, even a chandelier. Each table has a Chinese news paper on it for the patrons.


I ordered French Toast for $6.95. (more…)

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Bubble Waffle Cafe in Lansdowne Foodcourt

When it rains, Ben and I will walk in the mall. Rain will not deter us from our daily goal of walking 10,000 steps.


On one of the day that we were walking in the Lansdowne mall, Ben tempted me to have lunch at the Bubble Waffle Cafe. Since it’s still early, there is no wait. If you come at peak lunch hour, there is usually a line. This is one of the busiest stall in the Lansdowne foodcourt.


We decided to share just a meal. We had the Hainanese Chicken Laksa. The color was good and the broth was flavourful. The best is that the Hainanese chicken is boneless. (more…)

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Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant at Alexandra Road, Richmond

This is another lunch before Ben’s business trip. He suggested a few restaurants for the boys to decide and we ended up with Silver Tower Cafe.


Since Ben will be away, he took charge of the ordering. The first item was Malaysian Beef Fried Rice. It was a decent fried rice but the flavour of belacan was not strong enough.


The fried rice came with a drink. No extra charge for ice milk tea.


The rest of the items were from the Chinese dishes section which came with a bowl of steamed rice and soup. The above was listed as Malay Pork Bean which was long beans stir fried with pork. A favourite in my family. The long beans were crisp. (more…)

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Comfort Breakfast at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant

Ben and I went out for our morning walk around the Richmond City Hall and Minoru Park.


Richmond City Hall is beautiful with the cascading water fall.


We walked over to Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant after our walk.

I ordered a Duck Congee as I love BBQ duck. It was quite a big bowl. The congee is creamy.


Ben ordered the Pork Liver Congee. The pork liver came in big slices.


Ben also had ordered a Soy Sauce Fried Noodle. He loves simple noodles like this.

Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the receipt and I forgot how much was the breakfast. Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant accepts cash only. (more…)

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Main Island Cafe on Kingsway, Burnaby

Ben was off work on a Friday, in replacement for him working on Thanksgiving day. We planned to go for lunch at Saffron Indian Cuisine. Arkensen and Nanzaro love Indian food, so they did not protest even we had to drive across the bridge.

By the time we reached Burnaby, it was past noon and that was a busy lunch hour, especially on a Friday. The wait at Saffron is going to be long and we can’t predict the wait by looking at the tables because it is a buffet setting.


So, Ben suggested the Main Island Cafe a few doors away. It is one of his favourite lunch spot.


Main Island Cafe is a Hong Kong style restaurant specializes in noodles soup, especially fish noodle soup like the one below.


Well, this is not our order, but the server delivered it wrongly to our table.


This is what I ordered; oiled noodle with Malay laksa broth. The broth was relatively spicy although it does look red. (more…)

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Deer Garden Signatures at Venezia Place, Richmond

Emily, Marian and I met up on a Monday mid morning for a walk at London/Steveston Park. Marian suggested the park because it’s walkable from her home. Since, it’s not walkable from my place, Emily came to pick me up. She drove to Steveston Community Park in Steveston Village and called Marian to meet us at the car park. Only then Emily realized we went to the wrong park. So, we drove back to London/Steveston Park. By then, Marian already completed 2 1/2 rounds of walk. We continued to walk for several more rounds.


After the walk, we went for lunch. Marian wanted noodle soup. Emily brought us to Deer Garden Signatures at Venezia Place. We had no problem finding a parking spot because it’s still early.


Emily ordered the Original Fish Soup with thick rice noodle. The noodle was very smooth. (more…)

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Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

It’s been a long time since we dined at Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant since there are so many Hong Kong style restaurant in Richmond.


On Labour Day, we decided to have lunch at Silver Tower for old time sake. Ben and Nanzaro had iced milk tea and Iced Ovaltine while I had hot milk tea.


The strange thing is that the iced milk tea has a $1 extra charge (which is the norm for cold drink) and not the iced Ovaltine.


Ben ordered the Sauteed Egg Shrimps from the Chinese meal section because he saw a table having that as we walked to our table. It looked appetizing and it was indeed pretty good. There were generous amount of shrimp and the egg was tender and moist. (more…)

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Mui Garden on Minoru Blvd., Richmond

We went out for dinner before we dropped off Ben at the airport for his business trip. It was the Saturday where Metro Vancouver was hit with a severe wind storm and a lot of places lost power.


We tried to avoid travelling on No. 3 Road because we were not sure if the traffic lights were out which will bring traffic to a crawl. So, we traveled via Gilbert Road until Westminster Highway and return to No. 3 Road to look for a restaurant for dinner. We were not sure how bad No. 3 Road businesses were hit.

The first strip mall we came upon was where Mui Garden is located and we just settled for that as we did not want to take the risk to look further.


It’s been a long while since we came here. The last time we were here, we had to wait an hour for the oily rice to come out.


We opted for the 4 dishes combo. The first dish was Curry Chicken. The chicken is boneless and the curry has a thick texture. Arkensen likes this kind of curry. Ben commented that the texture of the chicken is weird.


Ben ordered his favourite pea shoot stirred fried with garlic. This was nicely done. (more…)

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