Tasty Indian Bistro on 120th St, Delta

My family was in the Delta/Surrey neighbourhood for a special event. So, we decided to have lunch here after the event.

Ben brought us to Tasty Indian Bistro in Delta. We were there before noon and got a parking spot without problem. But when we left, the parking lot was full. As we exited the restaurant, a lady approached us and asked us if we were leaving. She then stood at our spot and made a call, probably for someone that has been looking for a parking spot.

The decoration looks on the high end side.

I like the bronze cutlery.

Arkensen ordered from the lunch special; Non-veg Special for CAD13. He opted for the Goat Curry. The other option is Butter Chicken. The lunch special came with 2 pieces of Tandoori chicken on top of some basmati rice. Continue reading

Madras Spice on Fraser Street, Vancouver

On a weekend, Ben and I went to Fraser Street to look for food.

We walked along the street and finally decided to have Indian food for lunch.

We were at Madras Spice as it just opened for business for the day. The place is quite nicely decorated but we noticed that it is not maintained very well.

I liked that they take the effort to label the salt and pepper bottles with their logo.

We ordered one of their thali to try. We had the Madras thali which came in a platter with several small dishes. The dishes include a chicken curry, a lamb curry and a few vegetables dishes. Continue reading

Himalaya Restaurant on Main Street, Vancouver

Nanzaro wanted Indian buffet for lunch on a Sunday.


So, Ben drove to the Punjabi Market on Main St. Vancouver to look one. We came upon Himalaya Restaurant which looks quite modern and clean cut from the outside.


When we enter the restaurant, we were greeted with a whole buffet of sweets. The sweets are not part of the buffet lunch. The restaurant has quite a big sitting area. In fact, part of the area was closed as there are not a lot of customers.


We had the non-vegetarian buffet which is $13.95 while there is an option for vegetarian buffet for $11.95. Ben piled up his plate with everything. Continue reading

Al-Watan Tandoori, Fraser St.

Ben was craving for Indian food. He wanted to try a new place instead of our favourite Kona Tandoori and Saffron.


He went all the way to Fraser St. to look for one. We found Al-Watan which serves Pakistani cuisine.


Lunch special looks economical.


We were there just about noon and the place was pretty quiet.


I ordered one of the lunch special which came with tandoori chicken and curry chicken. It was a pretty big serving compared with Kona’s lunch special especially the rice portion. Continue reading

Ginger Indian Cuisine at Beckman Pl, Richmond

Ginger Indian Cuisine had been on my list of restaurant to visit for a while. When a coupon offer came up on Socialshopper.com, I just had to get it. It’s a $30 value coupon for the price of $15.


Ginger Indian Cuisine is located in a quiet strip mall on Bridgeport Road between Shell Road and No. 4 Road. This restaurant has opened for five months as I was told by the server.


The restaurant is relatively spacious with clean setting. We do not like restaurant with a cramp setting.


Free papadam with tamarind sauce for snacking while waiting for our main dishes to arrive.


Arkensen wanted Butter Chicken, his favourite Indian dish. He likes the sauce with rice. He does not care so much for the chicken. I wonder if any restaurant will just sell the sauce alone, :-). Continue reading

Bhinder’s Indian Cuisine on No. 5 Road; South of Steveston Hwy

Nanzaro and I went to the new Indian restaurant on No. 5 Road, south of Steveston Highway for lunch. This restaurant was opened in Nov 2012.


It is located next to Pho Ten, in Sandhu’s Plaza. We arrived closed to 12PM but it’s not open yet. Nanzaro went to ask the person who was cleaning the window and was told it will open in 10 to 15 minutes. So, we waited but not more than 5 minutes, the Open sign was lighted.


It was not a big restaurant. The chairs are comfortable though.


The menu is simple, just a few combos.


Nanzaro opted for the Butter Chicken combo. All combos come with rice, naan, salad, vegetables and picked mango. Price varies depending on the main of the combo.

The naan looked like store bought version, not home made fresh from a tandoori oven. It’s too uniform.

Continue reading

Himalaya Restaurant on No. 5 Road, Richmond

Arkensen and Nanzaro wanted Indian food on a weekend dine out. Arkensen even volunteered to drive us to the restaurant.


We went to Himalaya Restaurant at No. 5 Road and Cambie.


We came for the All You Can Eat Buffet which is $12 per person. Himalaya Restaurant also sells a wide range of Indian sweets. This restaurant seats about 70.


If all you can eat is not your forte, you can order from the menu too. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


I have never seen so much Indian sweets being offered on the buffet tables before.


Gulap Jamun is the most common Indian sweets offered in most All You Can Eat Indian buffet.


Above are some of the items offered on the buffet tables which include meat curries, vegetarian dishes, tidbits, etc. You can click on the photos to have a larger view. Continue reading

New India Buffet on West Broadway, Vancouver

Arkensen and Nanzaro had an eye checkup in Vancouver during the winter break. Normally, they have their checkup in January but this time I was given the appointment during winter break. I’m so glad because I don’t have to worry about them missing classes for their eyes checkup.


Arkensen and Nanzaro wanted to eat at the New India Buffet & Restaurant which is located in the same building where their optometrist is.


Arkensen and Nanzaro had tried the $5 lunch box take out here before. It was during their previous year visit to the optometrist during a school day. Since we had to rush back to school, they just had the lunch box take out and eat it in the car on the way back to school.


New India Buffet & Restaurant has a nice view of Vancouver. I can imagine the night scenery from here will be very beautiful.



The interior of the restaurant is made of multilevel dining area. It is big and decorated festively.


We came here for the buffet. Actually, for Arkensen, he only wanted butter chicken with rice. Arkensen does not care for variety. When we go to Kedah House for their buffet, Arkensen will only eat rice with beef rendang. His new slogan is know your limit, stay within it. Hm, that sounds familiar. Continue reading

Danny’s Market, corner of Garden City & Francis, Richmond

It was a gloomy and showery fall Saturday. The boys do not want to go out to eat. Moreover, there is a hockey game at 1:00PM.


So, we settled with Danny’s Market pizzas since Danny’s is having a Customer Appreciation Special advertised in the Richmond News paper. This offer is only for pick up only. It took about 30 minutes for the order to be ready for pick up upon order.


Danny’s Market is an east Indian convenience store. It’s a longer timer in the corner of Garden City Road and Francis Road. Danny’s Market is famous for their screamers. There is a couple of tables in the store for people to eat in. They serve pizza, samosa, pizza pockets, hot dogs, garlic twisty bread, sandwiches, etc. I also saw a sign that says Danny’s chicken coming soon.


We brought home two large pizzas from the coupon deal.


The first pizza is Butter Chicken Pizza.  It has a mild butter chicken flavour. Nanzaro commented that … Continue reading

Tandoori Raj Restaurant on E65th Ave, Vancouver

We initially intended to go to Tandoori Kona in Richmond as Arkensen wanted butter chicken for lunch. Unfortunately, Kona was not opened for lunch on Sunday. While in the area, I also noticed that Red Mirchi had moved a few doors away to a smaller shop lot. The original location of Red Mirchi is taken over by a Vietnamese Restaurant called Pho Boi which is under renovation.


So, we had no choice but cross the bridge to Vancouver to look for Indian restaurant for Arkensen.We were on Main St and Tandoori Raj Restaurant was the first Indian restaurant we came across.


It was 1:30PM when we arrived and we were the only customers at that time. Tandoori Raj Restaurant does serve liquor. The decorations is simple and the restaurant is spacious.


We ordered Papadam to snack on while waiting for our main dishes. Each papadam costs 0.60. I was a little disappointed as the papadam did not comes with any dipping sauce. The papadam by itself is quite salty.


We noticed that Indian restaurants generally serve water in nice glasses unlike some Chinese restaurants use plastic cups.


Our first main dish is called the King’s Special Biryani. The dish costs $10.95. It is … Continue reading